The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage makes panel-adjudicated grants in three program areas: Exhibitions & Public Interpretation, Performance, and Pew Fellowships. In addition, the Center seeks to support and strengthen cultural organizations through its Advancement grant program.

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803 broken instruments gathered from the Philadelphia School District for Temple Contemporary’s Symphony for a Broken Orchestra.

Exhibitions & Public Interpretation

Recognizing the increasingly blurred lines and fluid boundaries in the presentation and interpretation of material and visual culture, the Center has established Exhibitions & Public Interpretation as a category of funding. Areas of programming considered within this category include public display and/or interpretation of artworks, historical artifacts, scientific objects, living collections, buildings, stories, or ideas; film, video, or other moving-image presentations and technology platforms; and all other forms of exhibitions and public cultural interpretation including those that take place in public spaces, online, and/or make use of participatory strategies.

>>View the 2017 Project grant guidelines PDF.

Francis Kéré, The Architecture of Francis Kéré: Building for Community, installation view, 2016, Philadelphia Museum of Art. Photo by Tim Tiebout.


Recognizing the increasingly blurred lines and fluid boundaries between disciplines in performance work, the Center has established Performance as a category of funding. The category supports projects that are multi- or interdisciplinary, as well as those based in a specific discipline. Areas of programming considered within this category include original works or new treatments of existing works in all performance forms; film, video, and other moving image performance works; distribution of performance using new experimental media or technology platforms; and performances in public spaces, online, and/or making use of participatory strategies.

>>View the 2017 Project grant guidelines PDF.

Jennifer Kidwell, 2016 Pew Fellow. Photo by Ian Douglas.

Pew Fellowships

The Center offers direct support to individual artists through its Pew Fellowships program, annually awarding up to 12 unrestricted grants of $75,000. The Center’s goal is to assist the most talented artists in the Philadelphia area in furthering and innovating their work by awarding substantial financial support accompanied by a set of customized, focused professional- and career-development resources. Through such support, the Center aims to elevate the quality and raise the profile of individual artistic work in the region, to create a strong community of Pew Fellows, and to help them achieve their artistic and career goals by connecting them to additional resources in the field.

>>View the 2017 Fellowships guidelines PDF.

>>View the Pew Fellowships’ 25th anniversary website.

Verdi’s La Traviata presented by Opera Philadelphia, 2016 Advancement grant recipient. Photo by Kelly & Massa, courtesy of Opera Philadelphia.

Advancement Grants

The Center’s Advancement grant program builds on The Pew Charitable Trusts’ longstanding goal of strengthening cultural organizations that employ prudent governance and management practices by supporting bold initiatives that directly confront the challenges and opportunities of a changing economy, shifting consumer behaviors and an increasingly competitive operating environment. The Advancement grant program aims to support organizations seeking to make lasting improvements to their programming, audience engagement, and financial health.

To start a conversation with the Center about this opportunity, organizations are asked to send an email of inquiry to the Center’s executive director after reading the guidelines. Unlike the Center’s other grant programs, there is no deadline.

>>View the 2017 Advancement grant guidelines PDF.

A young girl gets “up close and personal” with an Amur tiger in First Niagara Big Cat Falls. Photo by Cheri McEachin, courtesy of the Philadelphia Zoo.