Close Music for Bodies

20 - 24 Sep 2017
Christ Church Neighborhood House, 20 N. American Street, Philadelphia


As the Eyes of the Seahorse, The Mural and The Mint, The Maas Building. Photo by Jorge Cousineau.

Sound designer, composer, and performer Michael Kiley presents Close Music for Bodies, an immersive, participatory vocal performance, developed from the sounds and movements of eight individual bodies. Using Kiley’s self-developed practice, "Personal Resonance," the performers create acoustic sound and movement, roaming through a performance space occupied by standing audience members. The piece culminates in an act of "group voice" for audience members that will prompt reflection on each participant's relationship to their own voice and to others in the space. Developed by Kiley along with choreographic consultant Faye Driscoll and director Becky Wright, Close Music for Bodies will premiere during the 2017 FringeArts festival.