Lights Out: Nat “King” Cole

11 Oct - 3 Dec 2017
People’s Light, 39 Conestoga Road, Malvern, PA


Actors Melanye Finister and Michael Genet in Fences, 2014. Photo by Mark Garvin.

People’s Light presents the world premiere of Lights Out: Nat “King” Cole, a new music-theatre work that sheds light on legendary vocalist and jazz pianist Nat "King" Cole's public and private personas. Written by Colman Domingo and composed by Justin Levine, the production explores the 1957 demise of Cole’s groundbreaking national television series and his complex relationship with America's civil rights movement, weaving his personal story into larger social narratives surrounding race, identity, and creativity. A combination of live piano quartet, pre-recorded tracks, and monophonic archive sound will create a lively soundscape mirroring the original 1950s broadcast and Cole's musical roots.