Philadelphia Flamenco Festival Vengo Performance Featuring Rosario Toledo

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Rosario Toledo at the First Philadelphia Flamenco Festival. Photo by Josh Pelta-Heller.

Rosario Toledo is known as an artist who employs the subversion of gender roles, theatrical drama, improvisations, and humor in a dynamic method to engage with inner dialogues. Vengo, performed by Rosario Toledo with original composition by Dani de Moron and Guillermo Mcgillis, is a piece she created in 2012 to perform in the streets of her hometown of Cádiz, Spain. It is a performance art piece that embraces caricatures as Toledo exaggerates postures, uses comic theatricality, and adds contemporary dance vocabulary to her movements in perfect “compass” (rhythmic units). The performance is a journey that gracefully switches in and out of the flamenco idiom.


Leah Stein’s Center-funded project Battle Hymns, set to an original score by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer David Lang, was remounted in San Francisco in the spring of 2013.

Curators Marissa Perel and Brian Wallace give an overview of Trisha Brown’s work as it connects to the In the New Body performances at the Barnes Foundation.

Collaborators & Colleagues

Zeena Parkins is a pioneer of contemporary harp practice and performance, has extended the language of the harp with unusual playing techniques, preparations, and layers of electronic processing.

The Unofficial Guide to Audience Watching Performance is autobiographical and presents a running story in which Xavier, a 2013 Pew Fellow in the Arts, is both narrator and dancer.

Dancer, choreographer, and 2013 Pew Fellow Raphael Xavier takes hip-hop techniques from the street to the stage and tells the autobiographical story defined by sacrifice, passion, and transcendence.

At the February launch of the Center’s new multimedia online publication, A Steady Pulse: Restaging Lucinda Childs, 1963–78, Lucinda Childs and Judy Hussie-Taylor, executive director of Danspace Project, discussed Childs’ career and artistic influences.

Opera Philadelphia will implement a new business and program model that will feature an annual season-opening, multi-venue festival, launching in fall 2017, supported by new marketing strategies and a broad range of performance offerings designed to draw audiences from both inside and outside the regional metropolitan area.

Choreographer Susan Rethorst visited the Center to speak with Pew Fellows about her work and process.

Collaborators & Colleagues

Lee Tusman is an independent curator based in Philadelphia whose projects straddle the intersection of ideas that are socially-based and urban in nature, with a focus on contemporary new media.

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The Painted Bride commissioned a new dance work by Caribbean-born choreographers Marianela Boán, Gabri Christa, and Tania Isaac.

Performer and theater artist Charlotte Ford researched and developed a new theatrical project that asked, “Can a woman be funny and sexy onstage at the same time?”

Grants & Grantees

Thomas Devaney (Pew Fellow, 2014) considers poetry an act of exploration. His work is a lyric evocation of, and meditation upon, remembered people, places, his native city of Philadelphia, and the passage of time.