AUX Performance Space Presents Anya Liftig and Sophia Cleary

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Brooklyn-based performers Anya Liftig and Sophia Cleary present an evening of performance rooted in comedic and ecstatic engagements of the everyday, examining their lives as artists, and mining anxiety as a performative strategy.

Anya Liftig is a “transpecies” artist who is currently in the process of transitioning from human to canine. Her performance will explore the phenomenology of nature through John Milton’s maxim, “The way to know were not to see but taste.”

Sophia Cleary will present “Female Figure II,” a solo performance that cultivates sensitivity to an emotional body by acknowledging a persistent tension between performer and audience. A lecture-performance and dance, “Female Figure II” explores the specificity and nuance related to ways of speaking, and how the quality of the voice can misconstrue or amplify the words that are uttered.

This event was organized by Curatorial Fellow Jamillah James. James is a New York-based curator who succeeds Marissa Perel, AUX’s Fall 2013 Curatorial Fellow.

Additional performers and participants may be announced at a later date.

The AUX Curatorial Fellowships have been supported by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage.


Collaborators & Colleagues

Wendy Rogers has choreographed and performed contemporary dances for over 40 years around the county, including California and New York.

WPCA cultivates interest and support for the arts in West Philadelphia by increasing the visibility of the community’s cultural resources.

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InterAct Theatre Company is committed to producing socially and politically relevant work for theater.

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Susan Stockton recently retired as the president of the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center, a position she held since September of 2003. She is currently studying creative writing at Oxford University. Stockton served as a 2015 Performance LOI panelist.

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This nationally touring exhibition, presented at Vox Populi in spring 2014, is the first to critically examine the lasting impact that the Riot Grrrl movement has had on artists today.

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A conductor of opera and of choral-and-orchestral works, Robert Porco has been the director of choruses for the Cleveland Orchestra since 1998.

Sarah Sze’s installations, on view at the Fabric Workshop and Museum through April 6, 2014, received recent media attention from WHYY’s Newsworks.

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Roko Kawai is a dance artist and a 2003 Pew Fellow.

The Village of Arts and Humanities supports the voices and aspirations of the community and inspires people to be agents of positive change through programs that encompass arts and culture, engage youth, revitalize community, preserve heritage, and respect the environment.

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