The Unofficial Guide to Audience Watching Performance

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1/2: Raphael Xavier. Photo by Steven Gunther.
2/2: Raphael Xavier, The Unofficial Guide to Audience Watching Performance, Philadelphia premiere, 2013.

The Unofficial Guide to Audience Watching Performance is an evening-length autobiographical dance, the culmination of Philadelphia-based breakdancer Raphael Xavier’s 30 years of experience in hip-hop genres. Xavier, a 2013 Pew Fellow, plays with the rhythms of rap, break dancing and narrative to draw parallels between the performer’s body and the stage itself. The new work, directed by Ralph Lemon and featuring poet Leigh Nelson, deconstructs Xavier’s lyrics and breaking technique and, through rap cadences delivered as conversations, gives audiences insight into the maturing practitioner’s life journey as well as a context for viewing the artist’s work.

The Unofficial Guide to Audience Watching Performance received support from The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage and was originally presented by First Person Arts.


Collaborators & Colleagues

Daniel Fishkin is a composer, sound artist, and instrument builder whose work is informed by his personal experiences with tinnitus.

In an essay excerpt accompanying a series of programs related to the performances of After the Rehearsal/Persona, theater editor and critic Tom Sellar describes Ivo van Hove’s affinity for complex characters, his commitment to text, and his ability to transcend traditional disciplines.

We ask DeFrantz how changes in technology are impacting the ways in which artists produce narrative.

Grants & Grantees

Since 1993, Headlong Dance Theater has created over 40 works under the leadership of founders David Brick, Andrew Simonet, and Amy Smith.

Bissell, the Center’s Performance director, and Adair, director of Exhibitions & Public Interpretation, discuss the origins and learnings of a Center interdisciplinary research project between dancers and historians that explored alternative ways of interpreting historic sites. Participants in the project reflect on its outcomes and implications.

An artist talk with Michael Rakowitz, who will discuss his participatory performance and radio project, A Desert Home Companion.

Equilateral, a novel by Pew Fellow Ken Kalfus, was chosen by The Daily Beast as its 2013 Novel of the Year.

In 2001, saxophonist and Pew Fellow Bobby Zankel founded the Warriors of the Wonderful Sound, a big band to perform his compositions and arrangements.

Grants & Grantees

Janet Pilla reconstructed, documented, and performed the 30-minute solo The Farewell, Pauline Koner’s iconic tribute to Doris Humphrey.

Collaborators & Colleagues

Philip M. Katz, Ph.D., is the director of projects at the Council of Independent Colleges. Previously, he was assistant director for research at the American Alliance of Museums.

Grants & Grantees

Matthew Cox, a 2008 Pew Fellow, creates psychologically charged figurative paintings that are technically ambitious as well as visually intriguing.

W Magazine commissions visual artist Ryan Trecartin to create cover art for its 10th anniversary art issue, visual artist Caroline Lathan-Stiefel opens a new solo exhibition at the Leonard Pearlstein Gallery, and more.