Pew Fellow Kate Watson-Wallace completed research and development for Everywhere, an online dance experience with three components: an online dance contest, a gallery exhibition of entries from the contest, and a dance created in collaboration with an online audience. For Everywhere, Watson-Wallace created a dedicated website where online participants became co-creators of the work, viewing previously uploaded videos and providing further movement direction and/or making video responses to be uploaded to the website. All participant feedback was incorporated into the resulting work and archived on the website.


Grants & Grantees

In addition to company productions, Group Motion hosts regular improvisational movement workshops, which allow the public to employ dance as a language of expression.

Part performance, part discussion, and part party, these events invite attendees to discuss the project’s improvisational practice.

As part of the ongoing retrospective Trisha Brown: In the New Body, Bryn Mawr College presents a conversation with former Trisha Brown Dance Company members Eva Karczag and Lisa Kraus.

Two recently completed Center-supported projects have released publications documenting artistic collaborations and community engagement processes.

A performance piece interpreting classical South Indian music and dance, inspired by themes of liberty and freedom drawn from Philadelphia’s history.

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Poet and Pew Fellow Catie Rosemurgy’s wry and sharply imagined poems investigate the layered natures of identity, history, and narrative.

Collaborators & Colleagues

Juliette Carrillo is a nationally recognized theater director, writer, and award-winning filmmaker from Los Angeles, California. Carrillo served as a Pew Fellowships panelist in 2015.

Founded in 1731 by Benjamin Franklin, the Library Company of Philadelphia is America’s oldest cultural institution and was once the largest public library in America, until the Civil War.

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James Primosch is a composer and a 1996 Pew Fellow.

We ask DeFrantz how changes in technology are impacting the ways in which artists produce narrative.

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Leah Stein, the Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia, and composer Pauline Oliveros collaborated on a new music and dance work.

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Bringing together some of hip-hop’s most influential pioneers, Clark will present what he calls his “physical autobiography” in a dance-theater performance blending street dance techniques with spoken word narration and video.