Pig Iron School for Advanced Performance Training

1/3: The Pig Iron School for Advanced Performance Training. Photo by Alexander Izliaev.
2/3: The Pig Iron School for Advanced Performance Training. Photo by Alexander Izliaev.
3/3: The Pig Iron School for Advanced Performance Training. Photo by Alexander Izliaev.

Pig Iron Theatre Company creates original performance works that share a joint focus on collaboration, improvisation, innovation, and experimentation, and which redefine theatre as an interdisciplinary art form, resulting in unique experiences for audiences. The Center supported the pilot year of the Pig Iron School for Advanced Performance Training, a two-year certificate program for actors and directors that takes place in the Fishtown area of Philadelphia. Pig Iron launched this new program not only to generate revenue and engage new talent, but also to perpetuate the company’s artistic output through an organic process. Grant support helped the company to expand its staff, to secure its foundation as the pilot program launched, and to engage consultants regarding human resource issues, fundraising, school enrollment, and overall management. The school’s pilot year was an unqualified success, attracting students from across the country and mobilizing Pig Iron’s members to teach while sustaining their ongoing artistic practice.1


Management grants, through the Philadelphia Cultural Management Initiative, were awarded through 2013 following which a new funding category, Advancement grants, was introduced to support substantial long-term organizational development. Learn more>>.
Collaborators & Colleagues

Kate Fowle is the chief curator for the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture in Moscow and director-at-large at Independent Curators International in New York.

The Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance is a service organization that represents the interests of 400 arts, culture, and heritage organizations in the Philadelphia area.

Grants & Grantees

The Philadelphia Museum of Art will identify and implement optimal strategies for integrating contemporary art into all areas of the museum’s work and connecting with 21st-century audiences.

Whitney Kimball, Vox Populi’s third AUX Curatorial Fellow, presents a film by video/performance artist Miles Pflanz and sound artist Kate Levitt, as part of her “Schmart World” series.

Grants & Grantees

Founded in Philadelphia in 1980, Piffaro performs 15th- through 17th-century music.

Nichole Canuso Dance Company is building an internal fundraising structure that can grow or contract as the scope of the company’s projects changes with each year.

Grants & Grantees

Dutch artist Jeanne van Heeswijk will initiate collaborations that reimagine Philadelphia’s changing landscape through a series of installations and events across the city, laying the foundation for an installation that will activate the Museum’s Perelman Building.

Collaborators & Colleagues

Since 1992, Kip Lornell has taught courses in American music and ethnomusicology at George Washington University, and has served on the university’s Africana Studies program committee.

In August 2011, the Philadelphia Inquirer hailed Opera Philadelphia’s transformation as a “haven for new opera.”

Collaborators & Colleagues

Tim Grove is chief of museum learning at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C., where he oversees programming and works on exhibition and web development.

On March 23, 2012, The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage hosted Alan Brown of WolfBrown, and Brad Erickson and Clayton Lord of Theatre Bay Area, for an event that presented an important national study on the “intrinsic impact” and value of the arts.

The concluding performance of Jamillah James’ AUX Curatorial Fellowship includes new dance performances by New York-based choreographer and dancer niv Acosta, and Philadelphia-based choreographer and dancer Jumatatu Poe.