1/2: Courtesy of New Paradise Laboratories.
2/2: Courtesy of New Paradise Laboratories.

New Paradise Laboratories (NPL) is an experimental performance ensemble that has reshaped conventional notions of theater with productions that harness social media and new technology as vital tools for audience participation. In Fatebook (2009), over 14,000 people from 137 countries interacted with the show’s “characters” via Facebook, ultimately shaping the content of the live production. The 2012 production Extremely Public Displays of Privacy asked viewers to visit sites around Philadelphia, where they accessed exclusive performance clips via cell phone and mobile device.

NPL built a new Web-based engagement tool called FRAME, which invites audiences to participate and collaborate with NPL’s theater artists online, providing NPL with a constant source of inspiration. FRAME is maintained by a new position of FRAME coordinator, who acts as the social network’s online coordinator and works with NPL performers to generate and curate content in this online space. The FRAME coordinator’s work is supplemented by a connectivity coordinator, who works more broadly with social media tools in addition to the website presence. NPL plans to expand its reach to audiences beyond Philadelphia and use FRAME to actively participate in international conversations, in order to boost creative momentum. The FRAME project has been the focus of considerable attention in the media, including articles in American Theatre and Mashable.1


Management grants, through the Philadelphia Cultural Management Initiative, were awarded through 2013 following which a new funding category, Advancement grants, was introduced to support substantial long-term organizational development. Learn more>>.

Beth Sholom Synagogue planned for increased access to and interpretation of its building, the only synagogue ever designed by acclaimed American architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Collaborators & Colleagues

Michael Maso has led the Huntington Theatre Company’s administrative and financial operations since 1982, producing more than 180 plays in partnership with three artistic directors.

Grants & Grantees

In 2003 the Center awarded Pew Fellowships to 12 Philadelphia-based artists, and grants to 63 dance, music, theater, and visual arts organizations and practitioners in the greater Philadelphia region.

The Wagner Free Institute of Science is is a natural history museum dedicated to providing free public education in science.

Whitney Kimball, Vox Populi’s third AUX Curatorial Fellow, presents a film by video/performance artist Miles Pflanz and sound artist Kate Levitt, as part of her “Schmart World” series.

Philadelphia Young Playwrights will identify new technological tools that maximize the impact of its programming and allow for quality instruction and individualized attention.

Questions of Practice

Yoshitomi, chief knowledge officer of MeaningMatters, LLC, responds to a few questions around “Pro-Am” and how cultural organizations engage with their communities and potential audiences.

Grants & Grantees

Settlement Music School is one of the country’s oldest and largest community music education organizations.

Whitney Kimball, Vox Populi Gallery’s third AUX Curatorial Fellow, presents “The Videofreex Pirate TV” and a Q&A with Skip Blumberg and Nancy Cain, the third program in the “Schmart World” series.

Grants & Grantees

Roko Kawai and a team of collaborators traveled to Japan to develop the dance/sound piece Izu House.

The Philadelphia Inquirer featured the Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts’ fundraising campaign for its Pennsylvania’s Top 10 Endangered Artifacts project.

Tempesta di Mare performs baroque music on baroque instruments with “a zest and virtuosity that transcends style and instrumentations.”