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1/3: ANSP Archives Coll. 779 © J. D. Weintraub/ANSP Entomology.
2/3: Front of a needlework table setting from the late 1800s. Photo courtesy of the Schwenkfelder Library & Heritage Center in Pennsburg, PA.
3/3: George Washington, the central figure to Philadelphia Cornucopia, a mixed media environment created in 1982 by Red Grooms. Photo by Judy Dion for the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

The Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts (CCAHA) provides preservation assistance to more than 300 small and medium-sized institutions in the Philadelphia area, and over 1,000 throughout Pennsylvania. The organization’s behind-the-scenes work has now become more visible to the public, with the development of a fundraising program that allows CCAHA’s constituents to generate donations online. CCAHA has created a platform, loosely based on successful models such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, to be utilized in a new initiative: “Pennsylvania’s 10 Most Endangered Artifacts.” At the start of this program, local institutions were asked to nominate artifacts in need of preservation funds, and a panel of collections professionals will select 10 based on criteria outlined by CCAHA. These artifacts were promoted on CCAHA’s website, where the public could vote and contribute funds for their favorites.

CCAHA advertised “10 Most Endangered Artifacts” through a statewide promotional campaign, and the project’s interactive nature allowed CCAHA to directly connect with the general public for the first time. CCAHA anticipates that the program will become an integral aspect of the organization’s identity, and will repeat it in cycles of three or five years.1


Management grants, through the Philadelphia Cultural Management Initiative, were awarded through 2013 following which a new funding category, Advancement grants, was introduced to support substantial long-term organizational development. Learn more>>.
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Artistic Director Nichole Canuso likes to explore “dances that celebrate the awkwardness, humor and surprise in human experience.”

Whitney Kimball, Vox Populi Gallery’s third AUX Curatorial Fellow, presents “The Videofreex Pirate TV” and a Q&A with Skip Blumberg and Nancy Cain, the third program in the “Schmart World” series.

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Since 1993, Headlong Dance Theater has created over 40 works under the leadership of founders David Brick, Andrew Simonet, and Amy Smith.

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Christopher Mekal specializes in strategic planning and implementation, nonprofit organizational development, and financial management.

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A year-long series of participatory performances at Washington Avenue Green will activate a one-acre site on the Delaware River waterfront that served as the entry point to Philadelphia for immigrants in the early 20th century.

Building on the success of its Museum Without Walls project, the Association for Public Art is working to engage audiences in an online dialogue about Philadelphia’s public art.

Questions of Practice

Yoshitomi, chief knowledge officer of MeaningMatters, LLC, responds to a few questions around “Pro-Am” and how cultural organizations engage with their communities and potential audiences.

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Classically trained on the harp since age 11, Mary Lattimore (Pew Fellow, 2014) incorporates experimental techniques and technologies into her music, thereby extending the conventions of her instrument.

In the second segment of our three-part conversation with Center Visiting Artist Ain Gordon, he discusses his work throughout his residency period, including his role in the Center’s Push Me, Pull You project.

Andrew McIntyre visited the Center in summer 2012 for a day of workshops on visitor behavior and new approaches to engaging arts audiences in the 21st century.

The Philadelphia Inquirer featured the Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts’ fundraising campaign for its Pennsylvania’s Top 10 Endangered Artifacts project.

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Conductor Gil Rose’s dynamic performances and many recordings have garnered international critical praise. In 2012, he assumed the position of artistic director of Monadnock Music.