New Internal Fundraising Structure

Nichole Canuso Dance Company (NCDC) is a small organization that has reached a high level of artistic accomplishment. The company is now building an internal fundraising structure that is responsive to its artistic programming, and which can grow or contract as the scope of its projects changes with each year. This grant resulted in a fundraising plan for general operation costs, to be used during research and development phases, as well as a project-specific funding plan for years during which NCDC undertakes large-scale dance projects. NCDC worked with a consultant to identify a new database system that can be used for future fundraising campaigns as well as to foster relationships with NCDC audiences. Overall, this structure has provided NCDC with a stable administrative core that can adapt to mirror the company’s varying production needs. It has also freed up the company’s time and resources to devote to the continued development and execution of its creative work.1

Management grants, through the Philadelphia Cultural Management Initiative, were awarded through 2013 following which a new funding category, Advancement grants, was introduced to support substantial long-term organizational development. Learn more>>.

A new play by Kira Obolensky demonstrated how family stories are passed on through generations.

Vox Populi and AUX Performance Space will host Ann Hirsch and Jacolby Satterwhite in conversation, organized by AUX Curatorial Fellow Jamillah James.

Collaborators & Colleagues

Ruth Estévez is a curator, writer, and stage designer. She is currently gallery director and curator of REDCAT at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.

Grants & Grantees

Gerald Cyrus, Jr. is a visual artist and a 2005 Pew Fellow.

Grants & Grantees

Marian X is a playwright and a 1997 Pew Fellow.

The Wagner Free Institute of Science is is a natural history museum dedicated to providing free public education in science.

In fall 2011, the Association for Public Art was featured in USA Today Travel as “the main reason Philadelphia is now said to have more public art than any other city.”

Questions of Practice

Hong, director of academic affairs and program development at the Getty Leadership Institute at Claremont Graduate University, looks at the opportunities presented by co-authorship through the lens of entrepreneurship.

The concluding performance of Jamillah James’ AUX Curatorial Fellowship includes new dance performances by New York-based choreographer and dancer niv Acosta, and Philadelphia-based choreographer and dancer Jumatatu Poe.

Collaborators & Colleagues

André Kimo Stone Guess is an internationally respected leader with more than two decades of combined experience in arts management, finance, and nonprofit executive leadership.

This project investigated various issues surrounding (co-)authorship in cultural production, asking questions around definitions of authorship, collaboration, audience participation, the influence of marketplace, and other concepts.

Collaborators & Colleagues

Hazami Sayed is the founder and executive director of Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture