1995 Grants

Academy of Vocal Arts – Expansion of Repertoire
Project Grant, $45,000

Karen Bamonte – Border Prodigies
Project Grant, $10,000

Myra Bazell – Traces
Project Grant, $10,000

Christopher Bursk – Literature
Pew Fellowship, $50,000

Donald Camp – Visual Arts
Pew Fellowship, $50,000

Lorene Cary – Literature
Pew Fellowship, $50,000

Woon-Ping Chin – Literature
Pew Fellowship, $50,000

Choral Arts Philadelphia – Stephen Paulus and Ned Rorem
Discovery Grant, $45,000

Concerto Soloists – Multi-Media Work
Discovery Grant, $40,000

Thomas Dan – Visual Arts
Pew Fellowship, $50,000

Manfred Fischbeck – Path of Change
Project Grant, $8,000

Mark Goodwin – Visual Arts
Pew Fellowship, $50,000

Hellmut GottschildFrogs
Project Grant, $10,000

Neysa Grassi – Visual Arts
Pew Fellowship, $50,000

Group Motion Dance CompanyCity
Project Grant, $14,500

Tonio Guerra – Tower of Babble
Project Grant, $8,840

Hillary Harp – Visual Arts
Pew Fellowship, $50,000

Rennie HarrisProject 95/96
Discovery Grant, $10,000

Headlong Dance Theater – Richard Bull Commission
Project Grant, $8,000

Alya Howe – Elementals
Project Grant, $10,000

Major Jackson – Literature
Pew Fellowship, $50,000

Karen Bamonte Dance Works – New Work
Project Grant, $1,500

Roko Kawai – Project Phase II
Discovery Grant, $8,500

Steve Krieckhaus – New Work
Project Grant, $6,250

Tristin Lowe – Visual Arts
Pew Fellowship, $50,000

Virgil Marti – Visual Arts
Pew Fellowship, $50,000

Melanie Stewart Dance TheatreHow with this Rage
Project Grant, $18,500

Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia – Roberto Sierra and James Primosch
Discovery Grant, $17,500

Stuart Netsky – Visual Arts
Pew Fellowship, $50,000

Opera Philadelphia – Contemporary Chamber Opera
Project Grant, $40,000

Philadelphia Youth Orchestra – Junior Youth Orchestra
Discovery Grant, $45,000

Philomel – Addition of Resident Musicians, Guest Artists, One Concert
Discovery, $20,000

Molly Russakoff – Literature
Pew Fellowship, $50,000

Melanie Stewart – Collaboration with Martin and Michael Biello
Project Grant, $10,000

Susan Stewart – Literature
Pew Fellowship, $50,000

Denyse Thomasos – Visual Arts
Pew Fellowship, $50,000

Voloshky Ukranian Dance Ensemble – Evgeny Tsiganok Restaging
Project Grant, $6,000

Kariamu WelshHerrero Women
Project Grant, $9,730

Isaiah Zagar – Visual Arts
Pew Fellowship, $50,000

The Kimmel Center, Inc. presents the Philadelphia premiere of Holding It Down: The Veterans’ Dream Project, a multimedia work that illuminates the lived experiences of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans.

Grants & Grantees

Bruce Metcalf is a jeweler and a 1996 Pew Fellow.

Questions of Practice

The third article in the American Impresario series features Wein, pianist, founder of the Newport Jazz and Folk Festivals, the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, and many others.

Philadelphia choreographer Nichole Canuso presents a solo performance, originally Center-funded, that uses personal reminiscences and universal yearnings to explore the relationship between memory and self.

Mike Bullock holds a workshop previewing his Center-funded project The Philadelphia Embassy of the Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland.

Equilateral, a novel by Pew Fellow Ken Kalfus, was chosen by The Daily Beast as its 2013 Novel of the Year.

Grants & Grantees

Lorene Cary is a writer and a 1995 Pew Fellow.

Choreographer Susan Rethorst visited the Center to speak with Pew Fellows about her work and process.

Collaborators & Colleagues

Toshi Reagon has collaborated with top innovators across a wide spectrum of the entertainment field for nearly 30 years. Reagon served as an LOI panelist in Performance in 2015.

Voloshky Ukrainian Dance Ensemble released a video trailer for its Center-funded performance, Steppes: A Crossover, featuring the premiere of a piece by Mark Morris.

Choreographer and Pew Fellow Merián Soto on legacy, her interest in the body and its relationship to consciousness, and more.

Grants & Grantees

Linh Dinh is a poet and a 1993 Pew Fellow.