Re-Place-ing Philadelphia

1/10: Faustin Linyekula’s Philly Files. Photo by Jen Cleary.
2/10: Maria Urrutia, Jumatatu Poe, and Kristel Baldoz in rehearsal for Reggie Wilson’s Stamped Stomped Stumped. Photo by Maureen Wellner.
3/10: Marty Pottenger’s #PhillySavesEarth. Photo by Jen Cleary.
4/10: Faustin Linyekula. Photo by Elise Fitte-Duval.
5/10: Reggie Wilson, thinker, dancer, choreographer and Re-PLACE-ing Philadelphia artist. Courtesy of Painted Bride Art Center.
6/10: Faustin Linyekula’s Philly Files. Photo by Jen Cleary.
7/10: Rehearsal for Reggie Wilson’s Stamped Stomped Stumped. Photo by Maureen Wellner.
9/10: Marty Pottenger.
10/10: PLUS by Shawn Theodore.

Built on a foundation of public dialogue and interaction, the Re-Place-ing Philadelphia project used art as a lens to examine the geography of Philadelphia and its complex histories, as a basis to uncover forgotten histories. The 20-month project was designed to be open-ended, flexible, and permeable, generating a stream of performances, artworks, lectures, readings, and conversations that responded to the city and created forums for new ideas. A core group of artists aided the Painted Bride in transforming their programs, infrastructure, and facilities, including Congolese dancer and choreographer Faustin Linyekula, and Guggenheim Fellow Reggie Wilson. Re-Place-ing Philadelphia also engaged three “free radicals”—theater artist Marc Bamuthi Joseph, 2007 Pew Fellow and musician King Britt, and dance scholar Brenda Dixon Gottschild—to serve as on-the-ground researchers and advisors.

Additional unrestricted funds are added to each grant for general operating support.


Grants & Grantees

The Philadelphia Singers is a professional choral ensemble with a commitment to preserving and strengthening America’s rich choral heritage.

Grants & Grantees

Pew Fellow Matthew Suib’s work comes from a deep engagement with moving-image culture and how moving images shape our understanding of culture, history, and politics.

As part of Bryn Mawr College’s ongoing retrospective, Trisha Brown: In the New Body, the Pennsylvania Ballet performs Brown’s O zlozony/O composite, becoming the first US ballet company to perform Brown’s choreography.

Pew Fellows Eileen Neff and Raphael Xavier are among the distinguished recipients of 2016 Guggenheim Fellowships.

Grants & Grantees

Foley, a 2012 Pew Fellow, explores how every movement, no matter how ordinary or seemingly inconsequential, informs a responding movement, and so on, in an ongoing creative feedback loop.

Grants & Grantees

Established in 1963, Pennsylvania Ballet has extended its important Balanchine-based repertoire by presenting new works by a variety of contemporary choreographers.

Grants & Grantees

Independent theater artist Geoff Sobelle tested ideas for his first-ever one-man show: an “archaeological dig of the here and now” that explores our relationship to “things.”

Grants & Grantees

Located in Chinatown North in Center City Philadelphia, Asian Arts Initiative fosters social change through art.

Collaborators & Colleagues

Cynthia Lee is the former curator and director of exhibitions at the Museum of Chinese in America in New York City.

Philadelphia Young Playwrights will identify new technological tools that maximize the impact of its programming and allow for quality instruction and individualized attention.

Elevator Repair Service’s John Collins on why his theater ensemble embraces “a blissful ignorance” at the outset of a new project.

Grants & Grantees

Steve Krieckhaus is a dancer and a 1992 Pew Fellow.