Celebrating the Launch of A Steady Pulse: Restaging Lucinda Childs, 1963–78

1/4: Lucinda Childs (left) and Judy Hussie-Taylor in conversation at the launch of A Steady Pulse: Restaging Lucinda Childs, 1963–78. Photo courtesy of Troy Herion.
2/4: Former dancer Judy Padow (standing, center) at the launch of A Steady Pulse: Restaging Lucinda Childs, 1963–78.
3/4: Performance Specialist Josie Smith, Lucinda Childs, Director of Performance Bill Bissell, and Center Executive Director Paula Marincola (left to right) at the launch of A Steady Pulse: Restaging Lucinda Childs, 1963–78.
4/4: David White (The Yard) and Holly Sidford (Helicon Collaborative) at the launch of A Steady Pulse: Restaging Lucinda Childs, 1963–78.

On February 21, the Center launched our new multimedia online publication, A Steady Pulse: Restaging Lucinda Childs, 1963–78, at Danspace Project in New York City.

Among those in attendance were choreographers, presenters, curators, and writers, as well as several of Childs’ former dancers, including Judy Padow and Keith Sabado; members of the Philadelphia-based cast of dancers who performed in the restagings of Childs’ early dances in Philadelphia, including Megan Bridge, Gabrielle Revlock, and Annie Wilson; dancers from the 2009 restaging of Radial Courses at Sarah Lawrence College; and several members of her current company, along with her artistic associate, Ty Boomershine.

Paula Marincola, Executive Director, welcomed guests and contextualized the danceworkbook series within the Center’s larger research and publishing effort, which engages a broad network of cultural practitioners in an exchange of ideas concerning creative and interpretive practice.

Bill Bissell, Director of Performance, provided background on the multi-year research effort as well as the Philadelphia restagings documented in the danceworkbook, and showcased the interactive publication’s extensive archives, scores, photos, videos, newly released essays, and restagings.

The event culminated in a conversation between Lucinda Childs and Judy Hussie-Taylor, Executive Director of Danspace Project. Childs reflected on her studies at Sarah Lawrence College, the impact of Merce Cunningham on her creative development, and her time as an original member of the Judson Dance Theater. Delving into content featured in the danceworkbook, Childs addressed the importance of a score in creating the “architecture of the piece,” as well as in establishing the relationships of the dancers to one another.

A Steady Pulse is the fourth iteration in the Center’s danceworkbook series, which documents the creative practice of living and working with dance. The series is part of our larger research and publishing efforts, in which we regularly engage in an exchange of ideas concerning creative and interpretive practice with a broad-based network of cultural practitioners.

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