John Simon Guggenheim Foundation Honors Pew Fellows Eileen Neff and Raphael Xavier with 2016 Fellowships

1/2: Raphael Xavier, 2013 Pew Fellow. Photo by Colin Lenton.
2/2: Eileen Neff, Night Falls, 2001, C-print, 40x110 3/4 inches, edition of 3. Courtesy of the artist and Bridgette Mayer Gallery.

The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage congratulates the two Pew Fellows who are among this year’s list of distinguished recipients of 2016 Guggenheim Fellowships: Photographer Eileen Neff (1994) and dancer and choreographer Raphael Xavier (2013).

In its 92nd competition for the US and Canada, the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation recognized scholars, artists, and scientists, “appointed on the basis of prior achievement and exceptional promise,” according to the Guggenheim Foundation.

Equally accomplished as a photographer, installation artist, and writer, Eileen Neff has been working with photo-based images and installations since 1981. “Drawing on both historic and contemporary concepts of picturing the natural and constructed world, her work…includes an investigation of studio practice itself as a generative source. From the start, Neff’s projects have developed in relation to the sites where she exhibits, embracing presentation considerations as another critical layer of inquiry,” states the Guggenheim Foundation’s website.

Raphael Xavier has practiced breaking, an acrobatic street dance style commonly known as breakdancing, since 1983. An alumnus of the groundbreaking hip-hop dance company Rennie Harris Puremovement, Xavier’s “vision is to give the audience a new perspective on the way they see this highly physical dance and its association only with youth,” according to the Guggenheim Foundation website. In 2015, Xavier received Center support to present Raphstravaganza: An Urban Kinetic Experience in the courtyard of Philadelphia’s City Hall on September 10, 2016.

Watch Xavier discuss street versus stage performance for our Questions of Practice series.>>

The ICA will present a film screening of The Mesh and the Circle followed by a conversation with Luís Silva and João Mourão, co-directors of Kunsthalle Lissabon.

Grants & Grantees

Gerald Cyrus, Jr. is a visual artist and a 2005 Pew Fellow.

Drozdowski, a curator of performance, will host European duo Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion for a two-week retrospective of their collaborative career.

John Blake, Jr., a jazz violinist and 2010 Pew Fellow, passed away on August 15, 2014.

Collaborators & Colleagues

Boomershine has presented his work at Movement Research and Danspace Project, and he arranges and develops workshops and creative/educational residencies for and with Lucinda Childs.

Piffaro holds a symposium exploring music, poetry, and art in the Spanish Golden Age, and its relation to Miguel de Cervantes’ Don Quixote.

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society is a nonprofit organization, founded in 1827, dedicated to creating beauty and building community through gardening, greening, and learning.

Grants & Grantees

Founded in 2005 by Christine Cox and Matthew Neenan, BalletX unites distinguished choreographers with a company of world-class dancers to “forge new works of athleticism, emotion, and grace.”

Questions of Practice

Wooley’s rigorous study and extensive performance of a wide variety of musical scores offers us an expert musical perspective, as well as unique insight, into our questions of (co-)authorship.

Grants & Grantees

Centering on Foley’s improvisational performance practice, action is primary will feature photographic, moving-image, sonic, and written documentation of up to 750 dances, which Foley performs on a daily basis at 3:15 p.m.

RAIR hosts sculptor Tom Sachs and Creative Time artistic director and Center contributor Nato Thompson for a discussion on material sourcing and sustainable practices

Challenging conventional notions of expertise, Asian Arts Initiative will invite local community advocates and homeless people to organize a contemporary art exhibition on the concepts of home and homelessness.