Nichole Canuso Dance Company

1/5: Nichole Canuso in Midway Avenue. Photo by Peggy Woolsey.
2/5: Nichole Canuso in Midway Avenue. Photo by Peggy Woolsey.
3/5: Nichole Canuso in Midway Avenue. Photo by Johanna Austin.
4/5: Nichole Canuso. Photo by JJ Tiziou.
5/5: Nichole Canuso performs TAKES at the 3LD Art & Technology Center. Photo by Andrea Mohin, courtesy of the New York Times.

Led by artistic director and choreographer Nichole Canuso, Nichole Canuso Dance Company (NCDC) presents movement-based, often participatory, works that incorporate dance, theater, and visual art, and are often performed in nontraditional spaces. The company has toured to such venues as New York’s Dance Theater Workshop and Lincoln Center Out of Doors Festival, San Francisco’s ODC, and Washington, DC’s Dance Place. NCDC has received Center support for several projects, including Midway Avenue (2013), a movement research collaboration with UK choreographer Wendy Houstoun; TAKES (2010), a multimedia performance installation exploring dance and cinema; and Wandering Alice (2008), a site-specific performance inspired by Lewis Carroll and Haruki Murakami. In 2016, the Center awarded a Discovery grant to NCDC to develop new performance techniques that integrate movement, voice, and personal history.


Collaborators & Colleagues

Janet Pilla has danced on many stages in her native Philadelphia over the past 25 years.

La Curva features Bacán’s spare singing, Courvoisier’s atonal and dissonant compositions, and Galván’s score that employs rhythms from his own footwork.

AUX Curatorial Fellow Jamillah James has organized an evening of performances by Colin Self and M. Lamar.

Collaborators & Colleagues

Christopher Eamon is an independent curator and authority on contemporary film and video art.

Grants & Grantees

Among the largest art museums in the United States, the Philadelphia Museum of Art is a pilgrimage site for modern and contemporary art professionals.

This essay is a revision of a paper delivered at the University of Texas as part of “An Uncanny Beauty: A Celebration of Deborah Hay Performance and Symposium,” held April 7–8, 2010.

1812 Productions produced two shows in repertory, a first for the all-comedy theater company.

Grants & Grantees

Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers’ company training project furthered the development of the meditative and martial arts practices at the core of their creative process.

This month, Center-funded projects from Silvana Cardell and Anna Drozdowski culminate in live performances and workshops, while FringeArts looks forward to a fall theater presentation by hosting a discussion with Obie Award-winning Belgian theater director Ivo van Hove.

Choreographer Ralph Lemon talks about ephemerality in relationship to his work in the dance field, and the complexity of memory.

Grants & Grantees

Barbara Bullock is a painter and a 1997 Pew Fellow.

Collaborators & Colleagues

Wendy Sutter is widely acclaimed as a cellist by critics in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, and many others. In 2015, Sutter served as an LOI panelist in Performance.