Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education

Jackie Brookner, Veden Taika (The Magic of Water), 2007, earth and plantings. Image courtesy of the artist.

In 2011, the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education embarked on a wholesale reinvention of its art program. Today, the organization does not only present art inspired by the environment; it also commissions art that fulfills its missions of land preservation, restoration, and education. The Schuylkill Center “uses our forests and fields as a living laboratory to foster appreciation, deepen understanding, and encourage stewardship of the environment.” The Center funded this transition and the environmental symposium that concluded it. With follow-up support from the Center, the Schuylkill Center also created a fundraising plan to help the organization identify new funding opportunities for its environmental art program, create a plan for cross-departmental collaboration, and develop relationships with other institutions that can become allies.


Alien She, the touring exhibition on the influential global punk feminist movement of Riot Grrrl, has received recent media attention from the Philadelphia Inquirer and other media outlets.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art reopens its eight South Asian art galleries, featuring nearly 3,000 works spanning over 2,500 years.

The New Year brings a multitude of Center-funded projects that innovate, inspire, and expand the possibilities of artistic discovery and expression.

The Conservation Center for Arts & Historic Artifacts is one of the country’s largest non-profit conservation labs.

Collaborators & Colleagues

Since his emergence as a professional jazz saxophonist and composer in the 1950s, Wayne Shorter has earned a reputation as one of the most influential jazz musicians of our time.

Collaborators & Colleagues

Brooke Davis Anderson is the Executive Director of Prospect New Orleans.

Collaborators & Colleagues

Anne Pasternak is Shelby White and Leon Levy Director of the Brooklyn Museum.

Grants & Grantees

The Philadelphia Museum of Art’s mid-career retrospective of the work of photographer Zoe Strauss offered the first comprehensive assessment of the artist’s achievement to date.

Collaborators & Colleagues

Artist and community activist Rick Lowe is the founder of Project Row Houses, a neighborhood-based nonprofit arts and cultural organization in Houston’s Northern Third Ward.

Collaborators & Colleagues

Fiach Mac Conghail has led the Abbey Theatre, the national theatre of Ireland, as director and CEO since 2005.

Artist-in-residence Teresa Jaynes will curate a multisensory exhibition based on the Library Company’s extraordinary collection of pre-Braille texts for the visually impaired.

Allen and Lerner visited the Center in August 2010 to share examples of their innovations and to discuss collaboration, the impact of institutional creativity, and the utmost seriousness of humor.