Anne Seidman

2008 Pew Fellow

Anne Seidman, 2008 Pew Fellow. Directed by Glenn Holsten.

“I think that when we’re all really young, that we have this inner self that we feel is huge. If you do work like this, and you’re by yourself and you’re making this work, that’s what you’re connecting with, and that’s what you trust to make decisions.”

Anne Seidman (b. 1950) describes her work as rigorous and controlled, while at the same time allowing room for spontaneity, irony, and consciousness. Seidman’s practice has allowed her to explore the nature of pure painting through abstraction, suggesting friction, awkwardness, and ultimately, a sense of self. Her painting relies on a commitment to process, working through the unfamiliar until it becomes recognizable, eventually reaching a resolution.

Seidman has exhibited extensively over the years, most recently at Mercer Gallery, New York, NY; George Billis Gallery, Los Angeles; and Arcadia University, Glenside, PA. She has received many honors, including grants from the Leeway Foundation and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, and Purchase Awards from both the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Arcadia University. From 1986–2010, she was a professor at the Moore College of Art and Design where she taught computer graphic and motion skills.


Grants & Grantees

Yolanda Wisher’s (Pew Fellow, 2015) writing addresses both artistic and community-oriented pursuits. The founder and director of the Germantown Poetry Festival, she is dedicated to poetry as a performative, public act, capable of producing environmental and social change.

The Institute on Disabilities at Temple University holds an opening reception for Here: Stories from Selinsgrove Center and KenCrest Services.

A multidisciplinary cohort of artists will consider how SAADA’s materials can inform new works that grapple with questions of identity and belonging, and create a platform for overlooked histories.

Collaborators & Colleagues

Catherine Wood is curator of international art and performance at Tate Modern.

Promoting cultural exchanges between Ukrainians and the global community, Voloshky Ukrainian Dance Ensemble seeks to represent the country’s culture through dance.

We are deeply saddened by the news that Nicholas Kripal, 1999 Pew Fellow, passed away on September 30, 2016.

In 2015, Fellows performed and exhibited their work at theaters, festivals, and in museums around the globe, received prestigious awards, and garnered international media attention.

The Barnes Foundation presents a series of artist-led walking tours in various Philadelphia neighborhoods that invite audiences to become contemporary flâneurs.

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Vincent D. Feldman is a visual artist and a 2001 Pew Fellow.

Scribe Video Center worked with scholars and community representatives to discover stories, partners, and contributors for a project about the history of Muslim life in Philadelphia.

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Named for Doylestown’s most famous son, the Pulitzer Prize-winning writer James A. Michener, this museum was founded in 1988 with a regional focus, housing a collection of Pennsylvania impressionist paintings.

Grants & Grantees

“The things to me that are the most interesting,” says visual artist and 2007 Pew Fellow Adelaide Paul, “are the things that by their very nature have no answers.”