Brent Wahl

2014 Pew Fellow

1/4: Brent Wahl, 2014 Pew Fellow. Photo by Ryan Collerd.
2/4: Brent Wahl, untitled, 2011, 50 x 39”, archival pigment print. Photo © Brent Wahl.
3/4: Brent Wahl, Love Note, 2013, 20 x 30”, archival pigment print. Photo © Brent Wahl.
4/4: Brent Wahl, At Odds with a Reflection, 2013, 20 x 30”, archival pigment print. Photo © Brent Wahl.

“Thinking about what a photographic image can consist of and where that can go is very exciting.”

Brent Wahl (b. 1968) works primarily in photography and time-based mediums, transforming everyday materials and detritus into mesmerizing compositions. “For over a decade, I have been fabricating and then photographing three-dimensional constructs that move through contextual, optical, and spatial shifts,” Wahl says. “I tend to use inauspicious materials and ephemeral matter (aluminum foil, tape, paper, wire, debris) as a way to bring to light the subtle ways these materials can quietly contribute to the shaping of poignant, liminal, and even sublime connotations.” The result is a body of work that has a unique and compelling presence. Wahl’s work has been widely exhibited, including five solo exhibitions at Vox Populi (Philadelphia) and group shows at the Tate Modern (London), the Institute for Contemporary Art (Philadelphia), and Arcadia University (Glenside). He received his M.F.A. from the University of Pennsylvania, where he is currently a senior lecturer in photography and visual studies.


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Shanti Thakur is a media artist and a 2001 Pew Fellow.

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The Philadelphia Photo Arts Center is a nonprofit organization devoted to the study, practice, and appreciation of photography in the Philadelphia region.

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Fleisher Art Memorial is a community arts organization dedicated to the ideal that people of all ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds have a right to experience art.

Development of a preservation plan considered Fleisher Art Memorial’s historic buildings on Catharine Street in South Philadelphia.

This month in Fellows Friday News: Alex Da Corte receives major media attention for his Easternsports collaboration at the ICA, Matt Saunders and Bhob Rainey are praised for set and sound design for The Adults, and much more.

The Community Education Center produced the 25th New Edge Artists Service Program and Performance Series, connecting emerging and established artists with resources to rehearse and showcase their work.

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Raphael Xavier (Pew Fellow, 2013) has practiced “breaking,” an acrobatic street dance style commonly known as breakdancing, since 1983.

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Named for Doylestown’s most famous son, the Pulitzer Prize-winning writer James A. Michener, this museum was founded in 1988 with a regional focus, housing a collection of Pennsylvania impressionist paintings.

Seductive Subversion: Women Pop Artists 1958–1968, a film by 1997 Pew Fellow Glenn Holsten, had its world premiere in Philadelphia in the fall of 2010 at the University of the Arts.

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Losang Samten is a visual artist and a 2004 Pew Fellow in folk and traditional arts.

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Brian Teare’s (Pew Fellow, 2015) poetry is concerned with embodiment—both our human bodies and the natural environment around us.

An opening reception for Ann Hamilton’s multi-venue exhibition habitus will be held at two locations: The Fabric Workshop and Museum and Municipal Pier 9.