Brent Wahl

2014 Pew Fellow

1/4: Brent Wahl, 2014 Pew Fellow. Photo by Ryan Collerd.
2/4: Brent Wahl, untitled, 2011, 50 x 39”, archival pigment print. Photo © Brent Wahl.
3/4: Brent Wahl, Love Note, 2013, 20 x 30”, archival pigment print. Photo © Brent Wahl.
4/4: Brent Wahl, At Odds with a Reflection, 2013, 20 x 30”, archival pigment print. Photo © Brent Wahl.

“Thinking about what a photographic image can consist of and where that can go is very exciting.”

Brent Wahl (b. 1968) works primarily in photography and time-based mediums, transforming everyday materials and detritus into mesmerizing compositions. “For over a decade, I have been fabricating and then photographing three-dimensional constructs that move through contextual, optical, and spatial shifts,” Wahl says. “I tend to use inauspicious materials and ephemeral matter (aluminum foil, tape, paper, wire, debris) as a way to bring to light the subtle ways these materials can quietly contribute to the shaping of poignant, liminal, and even sublime connotations.” The result is a body of work that has a unique and compelling presence. Wahl’s work has been widely exhibited, including five solo exhibitions at Vox Populi (Philadelphia) and group shows at the Tate Modern (London), the Institute for Contemporary Art (Philadelphia), and Arcadia University (Glenside). He received his M.F.A. from the University of Pennsylvania, where he is currently a senior lecturer in photography and visual studies.


Collaborators & Colleagues

Born in Burkina Faso and based in Berlin, architect Francis Kéré integrates traditional knowledge and craft skills into innovative and sustainable buildings worldwide.

Pew Fellows Eileen Neff and Raphael Xavier are among the distinguished recipients of 2016 Guggenheim Fellowships.

Collaborators & Colleagues

MJ Kaufman is a playwright whose work examines the human experience, often focusing on the lives of queer and transpeople.

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Philadelphia Young Playwrights assists students in Philadelphia area schools with telling their stories through theater.

The Rosenbach of the Free Library of Philadelphia opened to the public in 1954 and is located in the former home of brothers Philip and Dr. A.S.W. Rosenbach, international dealers in rare books, manuscripts, and fine and decorative arts.

Collaborators & Colleagues

Rebeca Mauleón is a celebrated pianist, composer, producer, educator, and author, and the director of education at SFJAZZ.

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The Philadelphia Museum of Art will identify and implement optimal strategies for integrating contemporary art into all areas of the museum’s work and connecting with 21st-century audiences.

The White Box Residencies invited outside artists to creatively explore and interact with the Center’s physical space.

Philadelphia Photo Arts Center presents a community exhibition comprised of crowd-sourced photographs from residents of Philadelphia’s South Kensington neighborhood.

The new web-based publication In Terms of Performance provokes dialogue, debate, and discovery in an anthology of keywords designed to generate shared literacies.

As of April 29, Berlin-based artist Katharina Grosse has begun working with a team of installation artists to paint seven predetermined sites along a five-mile stretch between 30th Street and North Philadelphia stations.

Questions of Practice

A workshop and small grant opportunity, No Idea Is Too Ridiculous allows Center constituents to explore creativity and risk-taking.