Caden Manson

Pew Fellow, 2002


Director Michał Zadara and actress Barbara Wysocka on creating an innovative adaptation of Fryderyk Chopin’s two piano concertos performed without a piano.

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New Paradise Laboratories is an experimental performance ensemble that explores radical means to bend conventional ideas of theater.

Dancer, choreographer, and 2013 Pew Fellow Raphael Xavier takes hip-hop techniques from the street to the stage and tells the autobiographical story defined by sacrifice, passion, and transcendence.

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A weeklong series honored the prolific composer’s 75th birthday with concerts, lectures, and workshops.

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FringeArts presented the only American showing of this production by Australia’s Back to Back Theatre—a company known for creating works by and for an ensemble of actors perceived to have intellectual disabilities.

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People’s Light & Theatre Company produced the world premiere of this work by Kenneth Lin, based in part on deadly attacks on immigrants that took place near the playwright’s childhood home.

Collaborators & Colleagues

Peter Saul (b. 1934 in San Francisco) is a painter best known for his lush, satirical, Pop-Surrealist cartoon style, described by The New York Times as “an artist’s artist.”

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Laynie Browne’s (Pew Fellow, 2014) poetry explores notions of silence and the invisible, through the re-contextualization of poetic forms.

Thaddeus Phillips teams up with the Minneapolis-based musical duo Wilhelm Bros. & Co. to create this action-opera about Edgar Allan Poe’s mysterious last days.

Artist-in-residence Teresa Jaynes will curate a multisensory exhibition based on the Library Company’s extraordinary collection of pre-Braille texts for the visually impaired.

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Jenn McCreary (Pew Fellow, 2013) believes that the poem is “a dialogue and exchange between poet and reader; a breathing entity rather than a closed, coherent object.”

Five Pew Fellows have been awarded artist residencies in 2015, supported by the Center’s ongoing partnership with the Alliance of Artists Communities.