Geoff Sobelle

2006 Pew Fellow

1/3: Geoff Sobelle in The Object Lesson at the Kirk Douglas Theatre. Photo by Craig Schwartz, courtesy of Center Theatre Group.
2/3: Geoff Sobelle, 2006 Pew Fellow. The Object Lesson at the Kirk Douglas Theatre. Photo by Craig Schwartz, courtesy of Center Theatre Group.
3/3: Steve Cuiffo, Trey Lyford, and Geoff Sobelle of Elephant Room. Photo by Greg Costanzo.

Lecoq-trained theater artist Geoff Sobelle (Pew Fellow, 2006) calls himself “a dedicated absurdist.” For Sobelle, comedy is the highest form of art, and illusion, film, and outdated mechanics appear to humorous effect in his works as well as those he creates with Trey Lyford for their company, rainpan 43. Sobelle lists Chaplin, Beckett, Rube Goldberg, and Magritte among his influences. The Center has supported productions of All Wear Bowlers; machines, machines, machines, machines, machines, machines, machines; Flesh and Blood and Fish and Fowl; and Elephant Room, as well as the development of The Object Room, a solo performance. Sobelle is a card-carrying member of the Society of American Magicians.


Collaborators & Colleagues

Mark Brokaw is the artistic director of the Yale Institute for Music Theatre in New Haven, CT, and an associate artist of the Roundabout Theatre in New York City.

Grants & Grantees

Playwright and 2008 Pew Fellow J. Rufus Caleb strives to create theater experiences that are “as visceral as they are intellectual.”

Grants & Grantees

PAFA presented the most comprehensive exhibition of Peter Saul’s work to date, featuring over 50 artworks spanning from 1958 to present.

Collaborators & Colleagues

Andrew McIntyre, a co-founder of Morris Hargreaves McIntyre, is one of the UK’s leading authorities on audience motivation, behavior and response.

Grants & Grantees

Bristol Riverside Theatre is a vibrant, engaged community theater in the northeast reaches of the Philadelphia area.

Grants & Grantees

Micah Danges’ (Pew Fellow, 2015) work hovers between image and object, pushing the limit of what a photograph can be and using optical distortions that create abstract scenes from everyday items and places, in a distinctive merging of materials and process.

Pig Iron Theatre Company undertook an investigation of Shakespeare’s famous play, leading to a fully-staged production of the play at the 2011 FringeArts Festival.

Patricia Lent of the Merce Cunningham Trust, theater-maker Richard Schechner, and video/installation artist Sharon Hayes gather to discuss the question of reenactment in cultural practice, with UC Berkeley professor Shannon Jackson as moderator.

The Wilma Theater, in partnership with Intercultural Journeys and the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society of Pennsylvania (HIAS), presents an evening of music from the world premiere of the play Adapt!.

In this month’s Pew Fellows news highlights, sculptor Kukuli Velarde and media artists Nadia Hironaka and Matthew Suib have been named 2015 Guggenheim Fellows. DJ and electronic musician King Britt lets followers get behind the scenes with a new subscription service.

Located in Elkins Park, Beth Sholom is the only synagogue ever designed by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

For the past four years, Meg Foley has been inserting unexpected performance into ordinary life with her 3:15 dance project, in which she creates a dance, wherever she is, at exactly 3:15 p.m.