Iquail Shaheed

1/3: Iquail Shaheed. Photo by Rachel Neville.
2/3: Dance Iquail. Photo by Rachel Neville. Pictured: Iquail Shaheed and Allison Sale.
3/3: Dance Iquail. Photo by Rachel Neville. Pictured: Iquail Shaheed, Allison Sale, and company.

Dance Iquail’s artistic director, Iquail Shaheed, seeks to create dance projects that tell stories not frequently heard in the performing arts, and to engage directly with audiences drawn from Mantua, the West Philadelphia neighborhood where he grew up. Shaheed wants to hone a process of research-based choreographic creation that translates issues of struggle and social injustice into a relevant movement vocabulary. “Dance can and should be a vehicle for conversations about social issues,” writes Shaheed, “and it can and should reflect the experiences of many different communities, rather than stagnating in a conceptual progression that is so concerned with form it ultimately renders itself irrelevant.” Shaheed received training at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Center, the Martha Graham Center for Contemporary Dance, the Paul Taylor School, the Juilliard School, Pennsylvania Ballet, International Ballet Theatre School, University of the Arts, and Purchase College SUNY, Shaheed hopes to make his work not only relevant but also urgent by creating choreography inspired by true stories.


Pig Iron Theatre Company’s Center-funded School for Advanced Performance Training was featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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In 1998 the Center awarded Pew Fellowships to 12 Philadelphia-based artists, and grants to 52 dance, music, theater, and visual arts organizations in the greater Philadelphia region.

Elevator Repair Service’s John Collins on why his theater ensemble embraces “a blissful ignorance” at the outset of a new project.

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Greg Osby (Pew Fellow, 2012) has made an indelible mark on contemporary jazz over the past 20 years, leading his own ensembles and performing with musical icons such as Dizzy Gillespie.

Throughout Dancing around the Bride’s run at the Barbican Art Gallery in London, the exhibition received media attention from a number of publications.

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David Sheingold is an independent consultant providing project development, strategic planning, and fundraising services for arts organizations and artists.

Swedish saxophonist-composer Mats Gustaffson leads the United States debut of Swedish Azz, an all-Swedish ensemble.

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John Caird’s adaptation of Voltaire’s classic satire Candide received its American regional theater premiere.

Promoting cultural exchanges between Ukrainians and the global community, Voloshky Ukrainian Dance Ensemble seeks to represent the country’s culture through dance.

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The Leah Stein Dance Company is committed to making dances spontaneously, rigorously, in collaboration, and in connection with the moment, often as site-specific works.

Bailey’s interpretation of Verdi’s opera, Macbeth, features a South African cast and examines post-colonial central Africa.

On the occasion of the American premiere of Felix Mendelssohn’s 1841 revision of Johann Sebastian Bach’s St. Matthew Passion—presented by the Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia with Center support—we invited author and German-language literature translator Susan Bernofsky to discuss the practice of artistic translation.