Jumatatu Poe

2012 Pew Fellow

1/2: Jumatatu Poe, 2012 Pew Fellow. Photo by Colin Lenton.
2/2: Flight Attendants duet. Excerpt from SCUBA tour. Courtesy of idiosynCrasy productions.

“I am not celebrating the human body; that is not my creative interest. I am interested in transformation.”

A young choreographer who has already produced such provocative, experimental dance works as FLATLAND 2010 and The Flight Attendants, Poe (b. 1982) has spent the past few years studying and researching J-Sette—an underground dance form borne from Southern drill team and majorette events, and developed socially in gay, African-American clubs. The tight and meticulous movements of J-Sette, interrupted by hugely explosive moments, were woven directly into Poe’s recent Center-funded project, Private Places, which premiered at the 2012 FringeArts Festival. Private Places was also inspired by the conflation of public and private identities in a world where social networking has become ubiquitous; it experimented with unexpected interactions between performers and audience members.

Poe is the founder and co-director of Philadelphia-based dance/theater company idiosynCrazy productions. He holds an MFA in dance from Temple University and currently teaches at Swarthmore College and The University of the Arts. In summer 2013, Poe worked in residence in the city of Neuss, Germany, working on J-Sette choreography with fellow artist Donte Beacham. The residency was supported by Dance Research NRW, an international scholarship program for choreographers and dancers. In the spring of 2014, Poe performed with choreographer and dancer niv Acosta at AUX Performance Space as part of the Center-funded AUX Curatorial Fellowship Program.


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