Megan Bridge

Megan Bridge in situation: becoming. Photo courtesy of < fidget >.

Megan Bridge is a dancer, choreographer, curator, and dance writer based in Philadelphia. She currently co-directs < fidget >, a platform for her collaborative work with composer, designer, and musicologist Peter Price. In June 2009, Bridge and Price opened thefidget space, a warehouse, research laboratory, and hub for new forms of art, media, and performance in Kensington, Philadelphia. Through thefidget space Bridge has co-curated and produced more than 25 public events including lectures, performances, seminars, and workshop series. As a professional dancer Bridge has performed the work of choreographers and companies such as Group Motion, Jerome Bel, Willi Dorner, Lucinda Childs, anonymous bodies, Headlong Dance Theater, Susan Rethorst, and readySetGO, and has taken workshops with Deborah Hay, Xavier LeRoy, Miguel Gutierrez, and Jan Fabre. She has toured as a dancer to Germany, Austria, South Africa, Poland, Lithuania, Japan, and Cyprus. Bridge has received funding support from the Leeway Foundation, the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, the Puffin Foundation, the Philadelphia Cultural Fund, Penn PAT, and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. She currently writes for


Several Center-funded performances and exhibitions have garnered national and regional media coverage in recent weeks.

The experiences of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans will be illuminated in this multimedia work created by MacArthur Fellow and jazz pianist/composer Vijay Iyer and poet/librettist Mike Ladd, in combination with a publication of local veterans’ writings produced through a partnership with the veteran-focused arts organization Warrior Writers.

Collaborators & Colleagues

Pam Green is the founder and president of PMG Arts Management, which provides services to performing artists, companies, and organizations throughout the country.

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As a presenting arts organization, the Painted Bride offers a wide range of work in music, dance, spoken word, and theater.

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Cynthia Ling Lee is a contemporary choreographer who draws on both postmodern and North Indian classical kathak training in her dance making.

Blacksberg, a trombonist, composer, and 2012 Pew Fellow and Gutkin, a historical musicologist, sought to “sonify” the everyday environment of an office space and conducted various musical experiments.

Grants & Grantees

Bruce Metcalf is a jeweler and a 1996 Pew Fellow.

Brenda Dixon Gottschild completed research and writing for her book, which tells the story of Joan Myers Brown and the previously unwritten 20th-century dance history of black Philadelphia.

Percussionist and Pew Fellow Pablo Batista presents El Viaje (The Journey), a new performance work.

As the Center has opened the cycle for 2016 grants, the program directors share insights into the application process.

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This world premiere will integrate contingency—accident, chance, and improvisation—into the ensemble’s physical theater style, with live music by composer and Pew Fellow Bhob Rainey.

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Composer Jace Clayton, also known as DJ /rupture, uses an interdisciplinary approach to focus on how sound, memory, and public space interact, with an emphasis on the global South.