Nicole Cousineau

2007 Pew Fellow

Nicole Cousineau, 2007 Pew Fellow. Directed by Glenn Holsten.

“When I’m performing, it’s the most true to who I am.”

Nicole Cousineau (b. 1970) makes multimedia dance theater based in strong, rigorous movement investigation. With her husband Jorge Cousineau, a composer and designer, she founded Subcircle, and together they have created several evening-length works with original scores, many within built environments or installations. By engulfing the audience in a completely created world, they encourage a deeper level of audience participation and presence by changing perspective. Cousineau also focuses on collaboration, gravitating toward artists and resources of different disciplines and cultures to inform her work.

Cousineau has been awarded a Leeway Window of Opportunity Award, two fellowships from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, and an Independence Foundation Fellowship. She has completed residencies at Schloss Broellin International Center for Performance Research, Germany, and Fabrik, Potsdam, Germany. She has performed locally in the FringeArts Festival and DanceBoom!; nationally at the Provincetown Dance Festival, MA; and internationally in Berlin and Dresden, Germany.


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