Zeena Parkins

30 Nov 2016


Zeena Parkins. Photo by Peter B. Kaars.

Zeena Parkins is a pioneer of contemporary harp practice and performance. She has built one-of-a-kind electric harps and has extended the language of the acoustic harp with unusual playing techniques, preparations, and layers of electronic processing. She has been commissioned by Ne(x)tworks, Roulette Intermedium, William Winant, the Whitney Museum, and the Tate Modern; and has released scores of recordings, including the recent, Trouble in Paradise with Ikue Mori. Her collaborations are extensive and crossdisciplinary, with choreographers Jennifer Monson, DD Dorvillier, Neil Greenberg, and Jennifer Lacey; filmmakers Cynthia Madansky and Daria Martin; and musicians Björk, Fred Frith, Yoko Ono, Butch Morris, Christian Marclay, and Maja Ratkje. She has been awarded received grants from NPN Creation Fund (2012), MAP Fund (2011, 2005, 2004), the French-American Jazz Exchange (2010), and the Foundation for Contemporary Arts (1997). Parkins served as a Performance LOI panelist in 2014 and a Pew Fellowships panelist in 2016.