Date Title Author
19 Sep 2013 Unsettling the Score: Experiments in Notation, Part I David Gutkin
15 Apr 2013 Culture Shock on the Stage: Pig Iron’s Alex Torra on Performing Zero Cost House in Japan
23 Aug 2013 Every Copy an Original: William Forsythe on Restaging His Ballets Linda Caruso Haviland
17 Oct 2013 Unsettling the Score: Experiments in Notation, Part II David Gutkin
1 Apr 2013 Center Spotlight: Ain Gordon Revisits Female Reformers of Philadelphia’s Past in If She Stood
13 Sep 2013 Prototype for a Re-installation: Imagine Africa @ Penn Museum
22 Oct 2013 Re-Substantiating the Dance: William Forsythe’s Synchronous Objects Linda Caruso Haviland
7 Mar 2013 Paula Vogel on A Civil War Christmas and Interpreting History for the Stage
21 Dec 2011 Jan Ramirez on the National September 11 Memorial & Museum
31 May 2012 Jenny Sabin’s Greenhouse at the American Philosophical Society Jenny Sabin
5 Oct 2012 Merian Soto on Site, Improvisation, and Embodiment in SoMoS Ain Gordon
2 Nov 2012 Suli Holum and David Bradley on Food Court and Disability in Performance
27 Jun 2013 Bill T. Jones & Susan Rethorst: A Conversation in Five Parts
28 Jan 2013 Electronic Music 2012
10 Oct 2012 Rabbit Suits & Revolutions: Dito van Reigersberg on Pig Iron’s Zero Cost House
19 Jun 2013 Changing Expectations: An Interview with Andrea Clearfield
10 Jun 2013 Talking with Data Garden: Co-Composing with Plants
1 May 2013 Helen Molesworth: On Authorship
11 Jul 2013 Paul Schimmel: On Curating and Theater
19 Mar 2013 The Curator and the Historian: Helen Molesworth and Paul Schimmel
31 Jan 2013 On the Making of JG Tacita Dean
28 Feb 2013 Tacita Dean: On JG and the Medium of Time
28 Oct 2013 Skipping and Slipping Through Time with Lucinda Childs Megan Bridge
8 Mar 2011 The Museum Educator in the Expanded Field with Eungie Joo and Pablo Helguera
28 Mar 2011 Studio Visits with Dancers, Not Sculptors Jens Hoffmann
20 May 2013 Talking Exhibitions with Marnie Burke de Guzman Marnie Burke de Guzman
31 Oct 2013 Pigeons on the Grass, Alas: Contemporary Curators Talk About the Field
28 Mar 2013 Considering the Alternatives: Talking with Andrew Suggs of Vox Populi
23 Oct 2012 Thaddeus Phillips & Catie Rosemurgy on Integrating History with Art-making
25 Jul 2013 The Many Arms of Group Sound
7 Nov 2013 Putting Jason Back Together Again
13 Nov 2013 Center Project: Shelf Life
23 Apr 2013 Pigeons on the Grass, Alas: Valerie Cassel Oliver
31 Oct 2012 Pigeons on the Grass, Alas: Peter Eleey
20 Oct 2012 Pigeons on the Grass, Alas: Nato Thompson
12 Oct 2011 Pigeons on the Grass, Alas: Astria Suparak
2 Jan 2012 Pigeons on the Grass, Alas: Dan Byers
14 Nov 2013 Repetition Island Linda Caruso Haviland
1 Jun 2011 Letting Go? Sharing Historical Authority in a User-Generated World
1 Jan 2002 Curating Now: Imaginative Practice/Public Responsibility
21 Nov 2013 The Artist Song ErRui on Collaboration
25 Nov 2006 What Makes a Great Exhibition?
1 Nov 2011 Gray Area: Provocations on the Future of Preservation
26 Nov 2013 Center Project: No Idea Is Too Ridiculous
30 Jul 2010 Václav Havel on Leaving, Playwriting, and Politics
8 Jun 2011 Anna Deavere Smith on Let Me Down Easy
2 Mar 2012 The Further Adventures of the Wooster Group’s Kate Valk
7 Jun 2010 Painting and Its Exhibitions: Talking with Thomas Nozkowski and Robert Storr
7 Feb 2013 J-Sette and the Collaborative Process Behind Jumatatu Poe’s Private Places
1 Jan 2009 danceworkbook: “Braiding / Unbraiding / Rebraiding” with Headlong Dance Theater and Tere O’Connor
1 Jan 2010 danceworkbook: “Belonging and Solo: Roko Kawai”
1 Dec 2012 danceworkbook: “Susan Foster! Susan Foster! Three Performed Lectures”
2 Jan 2014 Questions of Practice: Seth Siegelaub in Conversation with Teresa Gleadowe
12 Apr 2012 “Measuring Intrinsic Impact” with WolfBrown and Theatre Bay Area
6 Jan 2014 The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage’s Pew Fellow Artist Residencies
1 Nov 2013 Center Spotlight: The Institute of Contemporary Art Presents Jason Rhoades, Four Roads
1 Jun 2013 Center Spotlight: Pennsylvania Ballet Presents William Forsythe’s Artifact Suite
4 Jun 2013 Kathleen McLean and Mark Beasley on Creativity in Cultural Practice
14 Sep 2010 Mark Allen and Adam Lerner on Audience Engagement
1 Sep 2013 Center Spotlight: Introducing the 2013 Pew Fellows in the Arts
15 Apr 2011 Nina Simon at The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage
1 Oct 2013 Center Project: Ain Gordon and the Visiting Artist Program
13 Mar 2013 Going Outside the White Box: The Visiting Artist As Conduit
27 Mar 2013 Breaking Down Invisible Walls: The Visiting Artist As Dramaturge
8 Apr 2013 Overcoming Roadblocks: The Visiting Artist As Collaborator
1 Aug 2013 Center Project: White Box Residencies
8 Dec 2011 White Box Residencies: Tania Isaac Tania Isaac
14 May 2012 White Box Residencies: Anthony Campuzano Anthony Campuzano
1 Mar 2013 Center Spotlight: Crossroads Music Presents a Round-the-Clock Musical Experience at the Raga Samay Festival
1 Feb 2013 Center Spotlight: Body Against Body Brings a “Piece of Living Dance History” to the Painted Bride
17 Jan 2014 Our Dreams Motivate Our Realities: A Conversation with Center Visiting Scholar Kristy Edmunds
13 Jul 2013 White Box Residencies: Dan Blacksberg and David Gutkin Dan Blacksberg
1 Jan 2012 Center Spotlight: The Philadelphia Museum of Art Looks to a Decade of Zoe Strauss
1 Feb 2012 Center Spotlight: Bryn Mawr College Revisits John Jasperse’s Groundbreaking Fort Blossom
1 Jun 2012 Push Me, Pull You: Kenneth Goldsmith
1 Mar 2012 Center Spotlight: Pew Fellows in the Arts Move Forward at the MacDowell Colony
1 Apr 2012 Center Spotlight: Stefan Sagmeister Gets Happy at the Institute of Contemporary Art
31 May 2012 Center Spotlight: Drexel University’s Legacy Center Gives Students a Digital Dose of Women’s History
15 Nov 2012 Center Project: Push Me, Pull You: Questions of Co-authorship
1 Jul 2012 Center Spotlight: Announcing the 2012 Pew Fellows
8 Jun 2012 Push Me, Pull You: Michael Rohd
15 Jun 2012 Push Me, Pull You: Roxane Gay
22 Jun 2012 Push Me, Pull You: Cassie Chinn
29 Jun 2012 Push Me, Pull You: Krithika Rajagopalan
5 Jul 2012 Push Me, Pull You: Jerry Yoshitomi
13 Jul 2012 Push Me, Pull You: Kristin Van Loon and Arwen Wilder of HIJACK
25 Jul 2012 Push Me, Pull You: Dorothy Noyes
1 Oct 2012 Center Spotlight: From the Delta to the Delaware Valley: WXPN Brings Mississippi Blues to Philadelphia
13 Aug 2012 Push Me, Pull You: Nate Wooley
17 Sep 2012 Push Me, Pull You: MiJin Hong
24 Sep 2012 Push Me, Pull You: Ain Gordon Ain Gordon
1 Nov 2012 Center Spotlight: Dancing around the Bride: Cage, Cunningham, Johns, Rauschenberg, and Duchamp
15 Dec 2012 Center Spotlight: The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage’s 2012 Year in Review
1 Jan 2013 Center Spotlight: The Winter’s Tale at People’s Light & Theatre Company
15 Jan 2009 Document(s): Digging up the past: Some thoughts about preserving or reconstructing dance works Linda Caruso Haviland
1 Feb 2009 Document(s): The Dancer and Cambodian History Toni Shapiro-Phim
15 Jan 2010 Document(s): Reinventing Tradition: New Dance in Indonesia
1 Feb 2010 Document(s): Gusmiati Suid & Gumarang Sakti: Moving Forward with Tradition
15 Jan 2012 Document(s): Capturing the tone, celebrating the work: A conversation with Wendy Rogers and Sara Rudner Lisa Kraus
1 Jan 2011 Document(s): If the System Isn’t Right, Why Can’t We Change It? An Interview with Danny Yung Suzanne Carbonneau
1 Mar 2009 Document(s): As Seen Through the Windshield (And Other Perspectives on Making Dance) Wendy Rogers
1 Apr 2009 Document(s): Georgina Parkinson: A Dancer in Her Time / Making the Blueprint
1 May 2009 Document(s): Patricia Ruanne: A Conversation With a Ballet Répétiteur
1 Jun 2009 Document(s): Julie Lincoln, Répétiteur: Inhabiting the Bodies of Others
4 Apr 2013 American Impresario: Claire Chase
1 Jul 2009 Document(s): Commence to Dancing
1 May 2012 Document(s): Communities of Consciousness and the Begetting of Deborah Hay
11 Sep 2012 American Impresario: Helene and Robert Browning Toni Shapiro-Phim
29 Mar 2012 American Impresario: George Wein
21 Oct 2011 American Impresario: David Harrington
21 Jun 2011 American Impresario: John Schaefer John Schaefer
1 Dec 2013 Center Project: American Impresario
24 Jan 2014 Second Preface for The History of Madness Pierre Bal-Blanc
16 Dec 2013 Center Spotlight: The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage 2013 Year in Review
4 Feb 2014 Questions of Practice: Polly Carl, Director and Editor of HowlRound Polly Carl
6 Feb 2014 “Scientific and Artistic Models in the New Work of Sarah Sze” by Arthur C. Danto
7 Feb 2014 Fellows Friday: Q&A with Jenn McCreary Jenn McCreary
14 Feb 2014 Fellows Friday: Q&A with J. Louise Makary J. Louise Makary
18 Feb 2014 Questions of Practice: Thomas DeFrantz, Choreographer and Dance Scholar Thomas DeFrantz
20 Feb 2014 Center Spotlight: Yinka Shonibare MBE Creates Magic Ladders at the Barnes Foundation
21 Feb 2014 Fellows Friday: Q&A with Hafez Javier Kotain Hafez Javier Kotain
27 Feb 2014 David Gordon: How many ways there are (1995)
25 Feb 2014 Questions of Practice: Cynthia Ling Lee, Choreographer and Dance Scholar
7 Mar 2014 Fellows Friday: Q&A with Frank Sherlock Frank Sherlock
11 Mar 2014 Questions of Practice: Cynthia Oliver, Choreographer and Dance Scholar Cynthia Oliver
14 Mar 2014 Fellows Friday: Q&A with Karen M’Closkey & Keith VanDerSys Karen M’Closkey
18 Mar 2014 Questions of Practice: Lisa Yancey, Independent Consultant Lisa Yancey
27 Mar 2014 Excavating Real Estate: Alan W. Moore on The Real Estate Show (1980) Alan W. Moore
21 Mar 2014 Fellows Friday: Q&A with Raphael Xavier Raphael Xavier
1 Apr 2014 Questions of Practice: Simon Dove of the Crossing the Line Festival Simon Dove
3 Apr 2014 Center Spotlight: The “Creative Collision” Behind Paula Vogel’s Don Juan Comes Home from Iraq
4 Apr 2014 Fellows Friday: Q&A with Sueyeun Juliette Lee Sueyeun Juliette Lee
8 Apr 2014 Questions of Practice: Lisa Bielawa, Composer and Vocalist Lisa Bielawa
10 Apr 2014 Miranda July on Riot Grrrl Miranda July
11 Apr 2014 Fellows Friday: Q&A with Bhob Rainey Bhob Rainey
17 Apr 2014 Architects Tod Williams and Tsien on Paul Evans Tod Williams