Questions of Practice: Choreographer Germaine Ingram on the Responsibilities of Creating Socially Engaged Art

Choreographer, dancer, and Pew Fellow Germaine Ingram talks with us about the responsibilities of creating socially engaged art. She discusses the challenges that can arise when academic institutions embrace the practice and the importance of maintaining a meaningful connection to what she calls the “lived reality” of the communities directly addressed and affected by social practice projects.

Choreographer and dancer Germaine Ingram on the responsibilities of creating socially engaged art. Filmed at The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage on March 3, 2015.

Germaine Ingram took up dance at the age of 33 under the tutelage and mentorship of the late LaVaughn Robinson, a Philadelphia tap legend and a 1992 Pew Fellow. Since then, Ingram has become a major figure in contemporary jazz tap, following in the tradition of her forbearers while breaking new ground in the art form through oral history, filmmaking, and stage production, in addition to performance and choreography. Ingram’s work addresses social justice and historical narratives, as well as various aspects of the African-American experience, through projects such as Parallel Destinies.

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A Philadelphia dancer/choreographer with a penchant for humor and surprise, Gabrielle Revlock is a former Jeanne Ruddy Dance company member.

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Opera Philadelphia seeks to create productions of classic and new operatic works that assemble the finest international creative artists, and present a wide array of programming that educates, deepens, and diversifies opera audiences.

Questions of Practice

Electronic Music 2012, presented by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage on December 13, 2012, investigated the evolving American electronic musical experience and how it relates now to cultural expectations.

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Bowerbird is a presenting organization that showcases over 70 events annually, with a focus on raising awareness of “provocative and divergent musical traditions.”

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An urban performing arts center on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania, the Annenberg Center presents touring theater, jazz, and world music.

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The overall intent of my work is to develop a visual myth about the build up and aftermath of war.

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Independent theater artist Madi Distefano is the founder and former artistic director of Brat Productions, a company dedicated to “caus[ing] a stir.”

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Recognized as one of the world’s leading conservatories, The Curtis Institute of Music (Curtis) was founded in 1924 by Mary Louise Curtis Bok. Curtis has educated and trained some of the most exceptionally gifted young musicians from around the world for careers as performing artists on the highest professional level.