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Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Anne d’Harnoncourt Symposium, “Museum as Score”
What if an Art Collection Were Treated Like a Choreographic or Musical Score?
Crimean Tatar Cultural Recovery
Let 'im Move You: This Is a Formation
Faith Project
Philadelphia Museum of Dance
Gardens Speak and other works by Tania El Khoury
Threads of History: Resurrection of a Textile
Madhusmita Bora
Annie Wilson
Nichole Canuso
Questions of Practice: Choreographer Boris Charmatz on “Re-Enchanting” Public Space Through Dance
The Quiet Circus: River Charrette 3
Questions of Practice: Choreographer and Performer Nora Chipaumire on Art and Advocacy
Nora Chipaumire
Fellows Friday: Q&A with Choreographer and Movement Artist Lela Aisha Jones
crazy beautiful
Boris Charmatz
The Quiet Circus: River Charrette 2
Merián Soto
Dance Happens Here 2007
Quasi Normal
Residency with Carmela Greco
Walls Behind Walls
Barren Sceptre Reconstruction
Here Dance Film
Replaced Rituals
Nomad: The River
Risk of Flight
Coming to a Stage Near You: Performances from The Wilma Theater, Kyle “JustSole” Clark, Philadelphia Chamber Music Society, and More
Person of the Crowd: Film Screenings
The Life of a Just Sole
Questions of Practice: Curator Ruth Estévez on Why Some Performances Should Remain in the Past
Endless Shout: Jumatatu Poe's Let 'im Move You: A Study and This Is a Success
Endless Shout: Virago-Man Dem In-Process Showings by Cynthia Oliver
Drexel University Westphal College
Pallabi Chakravorty
Flamenco Ole
Brigitta Herrmann
Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers
Voloshky Ukrainian Dance Ensemble
Jeanne Ruddy Dance
Bryn Mawr College
Stephen Petronio
Janine Antoni
Lela Aisha Jones
Michael Kiley
Wendy Perron
RoseAnne Spradlin
Charmaine Warren
Faustin Linyekula
Kyle "JustSole" Clark
Anna Halprin
taisha paggett
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Hema Rajagopalan
Jungwoong Kim
Pam Green
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