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Laurie Zierer
America to Zanzibar: Muslim Cultures Near and Far
Playing and Preserving
Partners for Sacred Places
The Poison Cookie Jar
Modupúe | Ibaye: The Philadelphia Yoruba Performance Project
Intercultural Journeys
Engaging Contemporary Artists at Independence Seaport Museum
Independence Seaport Museum
Audience Embedded
Lenny Seidman
Christ Church Preservation Trust
The Pursuit Film Screening at the Mumbai International Queer Film Festival
Elephants on the Avenue: Petitions for Social Justice & Change with Benjamin Volta
(Dis)placed Public Forum
Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Eastern State Penitentiary
Philadelphia Folklore Project
Libbie Hawes
Lynne Ireland
Erin Bernard
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21st Century Abe
Preservation Planning for a Community-Based Art Center
My North/South/West Philly
Preservation Plan and Historic Resources Survey
Preserving the Pearl S. Buck House
Paul Robeson House Restoration
Rowhouse Workshop
Revisiting a Better Philadelphia: 1947-2017
Where We Belong: Artists in the Archive
Bring Your Own Project
SPACES: International Artist Residency Initiative at The Village of Arts and Humanities
Civic Practice
Not Your Typical 18th Century Gentleman
RAIR: Live at the Dump
The History Truck W.I.C. Work/Shop
Elephants on the Avenue: Race, Class and Community in Historic Germantown
The Pursuit: 50 Years In The Fight for LGBT Rights
Monument Lab: Creative Speculations for Philadelphia
Cliveden's Living Kitchens
An Exploration of Interpretive Approaches to the Arch Street Meeting House
A Fierce Kind of Love: Connecting Communities through Story and Dialogue
An Artist Embedded in History
Liberian Women's Chorus for Change
The Great Migration: A City Transformed (1916-1930)
Specimen Stories: Experiments in Historical Interpretation