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Restructuring Plan and Folklore Congress
AUX Curatorial Fellowship Program
Restoration and Stewardship Program
2007 Grants
Fundraising Strategies for Environmental Art
2005 Grants
2004 Grants
New Play Frontiers
2006 Grants
Business Planning Project
Reassessing the In-Facility Program
NeXtPN Research Initiative
2002 Grants
2003 Grants
Asset Maps and Community Advocates
American Repertoire Council
Advanced Performance Training Evaluation
Virtual Learning Platform Planning
Creative Place-making Plan for the Adrienne
The Contemporary Caucus
Reinvention Plan
GPCA--New Controller Position
Major Gifts Initiative
New Director of Strategic Planning and Partnerships
New Managing Director Position
New Director of Legal Services Position
Executive Director Transition
Expanding Audience-Based Initiatives
Operating Plan for Multi-Tenant Art Facility
Research and Development for New Program Ideas
Branding and Marketing Plan
Communications and Branding Consultant
New Strategic Plan
Three-Year Strategic Plan
Pig Iron School for Advanced Performance Training
Integrating Art and Education Into Future Programming
Restructuring the nEW Festival
Wilma Vision Fund
Financial Software Upgrade
New Staffing and Operations
The Writers' Room
Five-Year Strategic Plan
Visiting Curators Initiative
Visual Arts Program
Strategic Plan and Leadership Transition
METER Planning Process
Strategic Business Planning
Social Media and New Technology Strategies
Nursery Manager and New Public Programs
Community Engagement Program
Strategic Planning
Public Funding Platform
METER Program
Research and Planning for New Institutional Partnerships