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Grants & Grantees

Date Title Grantee Program
2012 Don Juan Comes Home from Iraq
The Wilma Theater Performance
2012 The Body Lautrec
Aaron Cromie, Mary Tuomanen Performance
2012 The Object Lesson
Geoff Sobelle Performance
2012 Wide Awake: A Civil War Cabaret
Kimmel Center, Inc. Performance
2012 Three Sisters
Arden Theatre Company Performance
2012 red black & GREEN: a blues
Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts Performance
2012 The Winter’s Tale
People’s Light Performance
2011 Elephant Room
Geoff Sobelle Performance
2011 Red-Eye to Havre de Grace
Thaddeus Phillips Performance
2011 Exploring Female Sexuality and Desire Through Clown
Charlotte Ford Performance
2011 Our Class
The Wilma Theater Performance
2011 Zero Cost House
Pig Iron Theatre Company Performance
2011 Food Court
FringeArts Performance
2011 Fallow
People’s Light Performance
2011 In This Place… and If She Stood
Painted Bride Art Center Performance
2011 The News with Dan Hoyle
First Person Arts Performance
2011 It’s My Party: The Women and Comedy Project
1812 Productions Performance
2010 WHaLE OPTICS Thaddeus Phillips Performance
2010 Macbeth
The Wilma Theater Performance
2010 The Lieutenant of Inishmore
Theatre Exile Performance
2010 Ruined
Philadelphia Theatre Company Performance
2010 The Devil and Mister Punch
FringeArts Performance
2010 Dividing the Estate
People’s Light Performance
2010 Extremely Public Displays of Privacy
New Paradise Laboratories Performance
2010 Dublin by Lamplight
Inis Nua Theatre Company Performance
2010 The Flea and the Professor
Arden Theatre Company Performance
2010 The Cripple of Inishmaan
Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts Performance
2010 The Pride of Parnell Street
Act II Playhouse Performance
2010 Our Show of Shows and Laughter on the 23rd Floor
1812 Productions Performance
2009 Microworld(s) Thaddeus Phillips Performance
2009 The AI Project
Karen Getz Performance
2009 Meanwhile… Madi Distefano Performance
2009 A Queer Divine
Sara Felder Performance
2009 Chicken
Charlotte Ford Performance
2009 Leaving
The Wilma Theater Performance
2009 Twelfth Night, or What You Will
Pig Iron Theatre Company Performance
2009 The Select (The Sun Also Rises)
FringeArts Performance
2009 Golden Age
Philadelphia Theatre Company Performance
2009 Spalding Gray: Stories Left to Tell Painted Bride Art Center Performance
2009 Freedom Club
New Paradise Laboratories Performance
2009 August: Osage County
Kimmel Center, Inc. Performance
2009 The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity InterAct Theatre Company Performance
2009 The First Day of School
1812 Productions Performance
2009 Sunday in the Park with George
Arden Theatre Company Performance
2013 Creative Place-making Plan for the Adrienne InterAct Theatre Company
2013 Virtual Learning Platform Planning Philadelphia Young Playwrights Performance
2013 Advanced Performance Training Evaluation Pig Iron Theatre Company
2013 Children’s Theater Consortium Arden Theatre Company Performance
2013 Two Works by Romeo Castellucci
FringeArts Performance
2013 The Adults
New Paradise Laboratories Performance
2013 The “Work” Project People’s Light Performance
2013 I Promised Myself to Live Faster
Pig Iron Theatre Company Performance
2013 The Frank Rizzo Project Theatre Exile Performance
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2008 2008 Grants
2014 Facing Front: The Duets of Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion
Anna Drozdowski Performance
2014 After the Rehearsal/Persona by Toneelgroep Amsterdam
FringeArts Performance
2014 Re-Place-ing Philadelphia
Painted Bride Art Center Performance
2014 ALIAS
Thaddeus Phillips Performance
2014 Pushers
Iquail Shaheed Performance
2014 An Artist Embedded in History
Historical Society of Pennsylvania Exhibitions & Public Interpretation
2014 A Fierce Kind of Love: Connecting Communities through Story and Dialogue
Institute on Disabilities at Temple University Exhibitions & Public Interpretation
2015 An Investigation of Contingency and the Uses of Data Streams
New Paradise Laboratories Performance
2015 Nat King Cole Project
People’s Light Performance

Collaborators & Colleagues

Name Role
whitenerkim Kim Whitener
Panelist, LOI Panelist, Visitor
yewchay Chay Yew Panelist
gladdendeanr Dean R. Gladden Panelist
herskovitsdavid David Herskovits Panelist
upchurchgayetaylor Gaye Taylor Upchurch Panelist
carlpolly Polly Carl
Panelist, Contributor
maxwellrichard Richard Maxwell Panelist
wilkstalvin Talvin Wilks Panelist
allardicebruce Bruce Allardice Panelist, Contributor
cossonsteven Steven Cosson Panelist
horowitzjeffrey Jeffrey Horowitz Panelist
isaacsmara Mara Isaacs
Panelist, LOI Panelist
pearalph Ralph Peña Panelist
tubertsusana Susana Tubert Panelist
smithmolly Molly Smith Panelist
brokawmark Mark Brokaw Panelist, LOI Panelist
douglastimothy Timothy Douglas Panelist
evanspaige Paige Evans Panelist, LOI Panelist
jenningschris Chris Jennings Panelist
whitakerbeth Beth Whitaker Panelist
adralesmay May Adrales Panelist, LOI Panelist
childscasey Casey Childs Panelist
crosbyjulie Julie Crosby Panelist
goodmanrobyn Robyn Goodman Panelist
herrmannjeffrey Jeffrey Herrmann Panelist, LOI Panelist
wolpertharold Harold Wolpert Panelist
josephmelanie Melanie Joseph
Panelist, Contributor
diasjohn John Dias Panelist
vogelpaula Paula Vogel
gordonain Ain Gordon
hoffmannjens Jens Hoffmann
brownalan Alan Brown
deaveresmithanna Anna Deavere Smith
havelvclav Václav Havel
kushnertony Tony Kushner
macconghailfiach Fiach Mac Conghail
parsonsestelle Estelle Parsons
proskyrobert Robert Prosky
ragsdalediane Diane Ragsdale
rohdmichael Michael Rohd
valkkate Kate Valk
maclaughlinwhit Whit MacLaughlin Pew Fellow, Contributor
phillipsthaddeus Thaddeus Phillips
Contributor, Grantee, Pew Fellow
sobellegeoff Geoff Sobelle
vanreigersbergdito Dito van Reigersberg Pew Fellow, Contributor
calebjrufus J. Rufus Caleb Pew Fellow
davisrussell Russell Davis Pew Fellow
graykatharineclark Katharine Clark Gray Pew Fellow
shockleyiiiedgarj Edgar J. Shockley III Pew Fellow
cashorejoseph Joseph Cashore Pew Fellow
grahambruce Bruce Graham Pew Fellow
molloyhonor Honor Molloy Pew Fellow
blakealstoncharlotte Charlotte Blake Alston Pew Fellow
smytherobert Robert Smythe Pew Fellow
cardenstuart Stuart Carden
LOI Panelist, Panelist
bauriedelgabrielquinn Gabriel Quinn Bauriedel Pew Fellow
wangmeiyin Meiyin Wang
LOI Panelist
wardigonicholas Nicholas Wardigo Pew Fellow
saundersmatt Matt Saunders
Pew Fellow
rothenbergdan Dan Rothenberg Pew Fellow
mansoncaden Caden Manson Pew Fellow
williamswitherspoonkimmikalh Kimmika L.H. Williams-Witherspoon Pew Fellow
schechnerrichard Richard Schechner
xmarian Marian X Pew Fellow
gibbonsthomas Thomas Gibbons Pew Fellow
suggjames James Sugg
Pew Fellow
fordcharlotte Charlotte Ford Grantee
distefanomadi Madi Distefano Grantee
feldersara Sara Felder
cromieaaron Aaron Cromie Grantee
tuomanenmary Mary Tuomanen Grantee
hurlindan Dan Hurlin LOI Panelist
levinedavid David Levine LOI Panelist
gerstenjenny Jenny Gersten Panelist
carrillojuliette Juliette Carrillo


Name Role
kimmelcenterinc Kimmel Center, Inc.
annenbergcenterfortheperformingarts Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts
1812productions 1812 Productions
actiiplayhouse Act II Playhouse
ardentheatrecompany Arden Theatre Company
bristolriversidetheatre Bristol Riverside Theatre
interacttheatrecompany InterAct Theatre Company
newparadiselaboratories New Paradise Laboratories
philadelphiatheatrecompany Philadelphia Theatre Company
pigirontheatrecompany Pig Iron Theatre Company
theatreexile Theatre Exile
peopleslight People’s Light
paintedbrideartcenter Painted Bride Art Center
firstpersonarts First Person Arts
inisnuatheatrecompany Inis Nua Theatre Company
thewilmatheater The Wilma Theater
fringearts FringeArts

Questions of Practice

Date Title Author
15 Apr 2013 Culture Shock on the Stage: Pig Iron’s Alex Torra on Performing Zero Cost House in Japan
7 Mar 2013 Paula Vogel on A Civil War Christmas and Interpreting History for the Stage
2 Nov 2012 Suli Holum and David Bradley on Food Court and Disability in Performance
10 Oct 2012 Rabbit Suits & Revolutions: Dito van Reigersberg on Pig Iron’s Zero Cost House
11 Jul 2013 Paul Schimmel: On Curating and Theater
23 Oct 2012 Thaddeus Phillips & Catie Rosemurgy on Integrating History with Art-making
30 Jul 2010 Václav Havel on Leaving, Playwriting, and Politics
8 Jun 2011 Anna Deavere Smith on Let Me Down Easy
2 Mar 2012 The Further Adventures of the Wooster Group’s Kate Valk
12 Apr 2012 “Measuring Intrinsic Impact” with WolfBrown and Theatre Bay Area
1 Oct 2013 Center Project: Ain Gordon and the Visiting Artist Program
8 Jun 2012 Push Me, Pull You: Michael Rohd
24 Sep 2012 Push Me, Pull You: Ain Gordon Ain Gordon
4 Feb 2014 Questions of Practice: Polly Carl, Director and Editor of HowlRound Polly Carl
1 May 2014 Questions of Practice: Romeo Castellucci Carlos Basualdo
4 Sep 2014 Questions of Practice with Romeo Castellucci: Full Interview Carlos Basualdo
17 Oct 2014 Fellows Friday: Q&A with Matt Saunders Matt Saunders
29 Dec 2014 Again, In Another Time and Space Sharon Hayes, Patricia Lent, Shannon Jackson, Richard Schechner
9 Mar 2015 Questions of Practice: Whit MacLaughlin on Responsibility Whit MacLaughlin
7 Apr 2015 Questions of Practice: Mary Tuomanen on “Timefulness” Mary Tuomanen
8 Jun 2015 Questions of Practice: Mary Tuomanen on Character Mary Tuomanen


Date Title
16 Oct 2013 New FringeArts Building Opens with Elephant Room
8 Sep 2012 Red-Eye to Havre de Grace in the New York Times
25 Jul 2013 Who’s at the Center? Kim Whitener
20 Jan 2011 New Paradise Laboratories’ Freedom Club in New York Magazine and The Village Voice
26 Jan 2011 Flesh and Blood & Fish and Fowl in Time Out London. The Independent, and the Londonist
11 Sep 2011 The Select (The Sun Also Rises) in the New York Times and Artforum
15 Sep 2011 Pig Iron Theatre Company’s Twelfth Night in Time Out New York
20 Jan 2012 Elephant Room in the Washington Post
18 Jul 2011 Pig Iron Theatre Company’s School in the Philadelphia Inquirer
15 Feb 2012 Paula Vogel’s Boot Camp in the New York Times
17 Feb 2014 Pig Iron Theatre Company’s Twelfth Night in the New York Times
28 Feb 2014 Fellows Friday News: Frank Sherlock named Philadelphia’s Poet Laureate Plus William Daley, Teresa Leo, and More
2 Apr 2014 In the News: The Arden Theatre Company’s New Production of Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters
25 Mar 2014 Paula Vogel’s Don Juan Comes Home from Iraq in the Inquirer, The Huffington Post, and More
7 May 2014 Thaddeus Phillips’ Red-Eye to Havre de Grace Makes Its New York Debut to Critical Acclaim
24 Jul 2014 Fellows Friday News: Uri Caine’s Rave Reviews, Nadia Hironaka and Matthew Suib’s New Work on View, Sonia Sanchez, and More
19 Aug 2014 In the News: Geoff Sobelle’s The Object Lesson at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
29 Aug 2014 Fellows Friday News: Jennifer Higdon, Alex Da Corte, Geoff Sobelle’s The Object Lesson, New Music Albums, and More
15 Sep 2014 In the News: New Paradise Laboratories’ The Adults
25 Sep 2014 Fellows Friday News: Alex Da Corte’s Easternsports, Matt Saunders and Bhob Rainey with The Adults, and More
19 Dec 2014 Center-Funded Projects on the Horizon
6 Mar 2015 Fellows Friday News: Projects in Animation, Opera, Poetry, and More
27 Apr 2015 On Stage in May: Exploring Identity through Performance
8 May 2015 Fellows Friday News: Guggenheim Fellowships and Innovative Premieres
12 Jun 2015 June Premieres: Performance Inspired by Immigration, Film, and Collaboration


Date Event Grantee
2013-12-04 4–22 Dec 2013 Pig Iron Theatre Company’s Twelfth Night, or What You Will
Pig Iron Theatre Company, FringeArts, James Sugg
2014-02-12 12 Feb 2014 FringeArts screening of Romeo Castellucci film Tragedia Endogonidia
2014-03-19 19 Mar – 20 Apr 2014 Don Juan Comes Home From Iraq
The Wilma Theater
2014-03-20 20 Mar – 20 Apr 2014 Three Sisters
Arden Theatre Company
2014-02-04 4–23 Feb 2014 Twelfth Night, or What You Will
Pig Iron Theatre Company, James Sugg
2014-04-01 1 Apr 2014 “Representing the Veteran Experience”
The Wilma Theater, Paula Vogel
2014-04-07 7 Apr 2014 “The Metamorphoses of Don Juan”
The Wilma Theater, Opera Philadelphia, Paula Vogel
2014-04-08 8 Apr 2014 “Veterans on Stage with Paula Vogel”
The Wilma Theater, Paula Vogel
2014-04-10 10 Apr 2014 “A Conversation with Warrior Writers”
The Wilma Theater, Paula Vogel
2014-04-04 4–5 Apr 2014 Zero Cost House at the University of Maryland
Pig Iron Theatre Company
2014-05-05 5 May 2014 Reading of The Rizzo Project
Theatre Exile, Bruce Graham
2014-04-22 22 Apr – 1 Jun 2014 Red-Eye to Havre de Grace at New York Theatre Workshop
Thaddeus Phillips
2014-09-11 11–13 Sep 2014 The Four Seasons Restaurant
2014-09-03 3–14 Sep 2014 New Paradise Laboratories Presents The Adults
New Paradise Laboratories, FringeArts, Bhob Rainey, Matt Saunders
2014-09-12 12–21 Sep 2014 The Body Lautrec
FringeArts, Mary Tuomanen, Aaron Cromie
2015-01-29 29–31 Jan 2015 Red-Eye to Havre de Grace at Walker Art Center
Thaddeus Phillips
2014-08-20 20 Aug 2014 The Body Lautrec Sneak Preview at the Philadelphia Museum of Art
Philadelphia Museum of Art, FringeArts, Aaron Cromie, Mary Tuomanen
2014-08-19 19 Aug 2014 Romeo Castellucci Film Screening and Discussion with Tom Sellar
2014-11-05 5–8 Nov 2014 Geoff Sobelle’s The Object Lesson at the Brooklyn Academy of Music
Geoff Sobelle
2014-08-25 25 Aug 2014 The Body Lautrec at FringeArts Scratch Night
FringeArts, Mary Tuomanen, Aaron Cromie
2015-05-22 22–31 May 2015 I Promised Myself to Live Faster
Pig Iron Theatre Company, FringeArts, Dito van Reigersberg, Dan Rothenberg
2015-02-18 18–22 Feb 2015 The Object Lesson
FringeArts, Geoff Sobelle
2015-05-14 14–16 May 2015 The Incredibly Dangerous Astonishing Lucrative and Potentially Completely TRUE Adventures of Barry Seal
FringeArts, Thaddeus Phillips
2015-03-27 27 Mar – 12 Apr 2015 I Promised Myself to Live Faster at the 39th Humana Festival of New Plays
Pig Iron Theatre Company
2015-10-19 19–23 Oct 2015 A Fierce Kind of Love: “Connecting Through Story: Lives Lived Apart”
Institute on Disabilities at Temple University
2015-06-28 28 Jun 2015 LIVE REMIX: Stage Adaptations in the New Media Age
2015-06-20 20 Jun 2015 Facing Front: Writing Dance Masterclass
2015-06-27 27 Jun 2015 Facing Front Artist Talk: Building Performance
2015-09-04 4 Sep – 4 Oct 2015 The Object Lesson at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in California
Geoff Sobelle
2015-09-03 3–5 Sep 2015 After the Rehearsal / Persona