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Questions of Practice

As a hub for the exchange of ideas and ongoing dialogue on issues critical to cultural practice, we present a lively range of activities. Our Questions of Practice research series of online essays and interviews, symposia and lectures, and in-depth publications, explores evolving lines of inquiry that respond to our experience as grantmakers and connect Philadelphia’s cultural community with peers nationally and internationally.

Questions of Practice

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1 Mar 2018

The Paradox of Dancing in a Museum

Marie Bardet
17 Oct 2017

Questions of Practice: Choreographer Boris Charmatz on Creating a Museum of Dance

Boris Charmatz
11 Jul 2017

What if an Art Collection Were Treated Like a Choreographic or Musical Score?

Carlos Basualdo Marie Bardet
11 Jul 2017

Contemplating the Museum as Score

Carlos Basualdo
5 Jun 2017

Questions of Practice: Choreographer Boris Charmatz on “Re-Enchanting” Public Space Through Dance

Boris Charmatz Simon Dove
8 Feb 2017

Questions of Practice: Barnes Foundation’s Thom Collins on Unpacking the Museum’s Collection Through Performance

Thom Collins
6 Sep 2016

Questions of Practice: Composer Jace Clayton and Barnes Director Thom Collins on the Making of Room 21

Jace Clayton Thom Collins
22 Jun 2016

Questions of Practice: Choreographer Stephen Petronio and Artist Janine Antoni on Performance in a Museum Setting

Janine Antoni Stephen Petronio
28 Sep 2015

Questions of Practice: Walker Art Center's Philip Bither on Curatorial Choices

Philip Bither
10 Aug 2015

Questions of Practice: Visiting Scholar Kristy Edmunds on the Role of Audiences in Preserving Performance

Kristy Edmunds
26 May 2015

Questions of Practice: Dance Critic Claudia La Rocco on Dancing in Museums

Claudia La Rocco
16 Sep 2014

Questions of Practice: Thomas Lax, Curator

Thomas J. Lax
1 Apr 2014

Questions of Practice: Simon Dove of the Crossing the Line Festival

Simon Dove
11 Mar 2014

Questions of Practice: Cynthia Oliver, Choreographer and Dance Scholar

Cynthia Oliver