Visiting Curators Initiative

Philadelphia Mural Arts Advocates established a new curatorial residency program that looks to the future of mural-making. In order to move out of its comfort zone and develop a culture of innovation, Mural Arts recruited curators-in-residence from outside the region, who looked at the organization’s work through a fresh lens, with the aim to advance its artistic practice and community impact. Each curator is working side-by-side with Mural Arts staff and leadership in a six-month residency period, conducting research on mural-making in the 21st century, identifying artists of high artistic caliber, and developing a full concept for a project or exhibition, as well as complementary interpretive programming for the public. The first curator, Elizabeth Thomas, helped the organization prepare a successful public art project by Katharina Grosse, which received Center support in 2013. The second curator, Lucia Sanroman, is helping the organization internalize the systems by which they identify and work with contemporary artists. A third curator is in the process of being selected. The visiting resident curators will advance and renew Mural Arts’ work as an established leader in both mural-making and the transformation of Philadelphia’s public spaces.1

Management grants, through the Philadelphia Cultural Management Initiative, were awarded through 2013 following which a new funding category, Advancement grants, was introduced to support substantial long-term organizational development. Learn more>>.

The Unofficial Guide to Audience Watching Performance is autobiographical and presents a running story in which Xavier, a 2013 Pew Fellow in the Arts, is both narrator and dancer.

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The staff and board members of Wyck worked with a marketing firm to develop a new marketing plan and brand identity, in order to attract potential audiences.

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Since 1993, Headlong Dance Theater has created over 40 works under the leadership of founders David Brick, Andrew Simonet, and Amy Smith.

Whitney Kimball, Vox Populi’s third AUX Curatorial Fellow, presents a film by video/performance artist Miles Pflanz and sound artist Kate Levitt, as part of her “Schmart World” series.

Pig Iron Theatre Company’s Center-funded School for Advanced Performance Training was featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Whitney Kimball, Vox Populi Gallery’s third AUX Curatorial Fellow, presents “The Videofreex Pirate TV” and a Q&A with Skip Blumberg and Nancy Cain, the third program in the “Schmart World” series.

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“The pulsating energy that we get from drums have a way of connecting us to everything else in the universe,” says Nana Korantema Ayeboafo, a 2008 Pew Fellow.

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Located in Chinatown North in Center City Philadelphia, Asian Arts Initiative fosters social change through art.

Questions of Practice

Hong, director of academic affairs and program development at the Getty Leadership Institute at Claremont Graduate University, looks at the opportunities presented by co-authorship through the lens of entrepreneurship.

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By connecting people with wildlife, the Philadelphia Zoo creates joyful discovery and inspires action for animals and habitats, and is home to more than 1,300 animals, many of them rare and endangered.

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Yvonne Bobrowicz is a fiber artist and a 1996 Pew Fellow.

In the second segment of our three-part conversation with Center Visiting Artist Ain Gordon, he discusses his work throughout his residency period, including his role in the Center’s Push Me, Pull You project.